If you want to become the owner of a watch, but do not know anything about it, this article is for you. We will consider everything you need to know when choosing, explain how some models differ from others and how much this affects the cost. Choosing a watch for everyday wear can be very difficult to make a choice. We advise you to take a closer look at the collection of Watch Direct citizen watches. In the question of how to choose a men’s watch, we focus on the aesthetic appearance. Therefore, of course, we will discuss which wristwatches are in trend today. 

Which Mechanism To Choose

Before choosing a wristwatch for men, decide on the mechanism. There are two main options for the working mechanism: mechanical and quartz. They, in turn, are subdivided into subspecies. So, mechanical ones are self-winding and manual-winding. Quartz crystals can be analog (pointer), liquid crystal, combined and using alternative power sources – auto quartz and eco-drive. In more detail about the differences and features of the mechanisms, we described in the article how to choose a watch. Here we will consider the differences between the two main types – mechanical and quartz watches. According to reviews, each of them is good in its own way. But there are features that directly affect the appearance and practicality.


Mechanics indicate the special status of the owner. This legendary accessory with an independent character emphasizes masculinity and temperament. Mechanical watches not only tell the time, they tell a story. Created back in the 17th century, the mechanism is based on a mainspring, which, while spinning, sets in motion the gears and a balancing ring. They, in turn, move the hands of the dial.

 Spring performance is affected by moisture, gravity, magnetic field, and pressure. Most models are protected from major factors, and some include a tourbillon that eliminates the influence of gravity. It is believed that this is the best men’s watch, so every self-respecting brand creates a limited edition of such pieces.


The principle of operation is in a symbiosis of electronics and partially mechanics, where the electronic component acts as a driving force for moving the arrows. Quartz sets the pulse rate, its crystals act as an oscillatory system. Such a system is powered by a battery, but some devices are designed to operate on solar energy. This type of working part allows you to add numerous functions, so it will not be difficult to choose a quartz men’s watch with a date or other meters. If a digital display is not used, it is almost impossible to distinguish mechanics from quartz externally.

Case Material – Practicality and Aesthetics


It is used in watches of different price segments. Modern plastic with improved characteristics retained only the name but radically differs in composition and external data. For example, the famous CASIO brand produces high-quality plastic watches. They suit casual, fashionable clothing and appropriate overall style. Sports watches for men are often made of plastic.


They belong to the middle price category. The complexity of machining durable metal leads to a higher cost, but the result exceeds all expectations. Japanese and Swiss brands use steel more often in their collections. The base made of stainless steel can be found not only in the middle price category but also among the representatives of the luxury segment. Stainless steel does not need additional coating, retains its attractiveness for a long time, and, importantly, does not cause allergies. The most common grade – 316L is considered the best option for making a reliable and durable case. 


The alternative to heavy steel looks good even without additional coating. It is more often used in a gray matte shade, but there are also polished glossy samples. Externally, a wristwatch with a titanium case is similar to a steel one but much less in weight, which does not affect its durability. Titanium is never used in its pure form, as it itself is very fragile. But in conjunction with other additives, it becomes super strong and durable. However, there were some “nuances”: the alloy is sensitive to mechanical damage and can disappoint with the appearance of scratches. In order to minimize the loss of aesthetic qualities, some manufacturers may apply an additional protective layer. Another feature of the alloy is that titanium plates can “stick together” during prolonged contact. Therefore, if a lid is provided in the design, it is recommended to open it more often. 

For all its disadvantages, titanium has unique properties: low thermal conductivity and causes fewer allergic reactions. No discomfort from the feeling of cold metal – titanium watches always feel warm on the wrist, which is especially important in the cold season. Men with sensitive skin will appreciate the absence of irritation on the wrist from constant wear. Due to the lightness of the alloy, titanium wristwatches are practically invisible on the wrist.


The solution for those looking for an exquisite, long-lasting accessory. 

High-tech ceramic gives the product sophistication, does not lose its aesthetic properties, shades do not fade over time. No scratches appear on the ceramic surface, the material can withstand shock and high temperatures. But there is one drawback – ceramics are quite fragile, they can crack from falling on a hard surface. Therefore, before choosing a ceramic men’s wristwatch, keep in mind that it is not designed for extreme conditions.


Always in fashion. How much the original gold watch will cost depends on the sample and the built-in mechanism. But even inexpensive models will not be available to the general mass, since this is not so much a temporary indicator as a status adornment. The gold setting, adorned with precious stones and a fanciful form of glass, is a work of art that has been inherited and preserved for generations. While making, the craftsmen do not use pure gold due to the inherent softness of the metal. Adding other expensive metals in the correct proportions results in a solid base with outstanding physical and physical properties. 

Glass – Choose Your Ideal

Before choosing a men’s watch, it will not be superfluous to ask what type of glass is used. After all, glass with scratches is not the best addition to a business suit and branded shoes. 


It is also called plastic, plexiglass. It is a lightweight transparent material that, due to its flexibility, increases impact resistance and expands the possibilities of design. 


  • is inexpensive, much cheaper than sapphire and mineral competitors;
  • plastic structure – it can bend upon impact, and if it beats, it does not crumble into fragments;
  • maintainability – easily polished to remove scratches, and the low cost allows you to replace it with a new one without serious expenses.


  • ease of damage – the surface of plexiglass is quickly covered with scratches;
  • hygroscopicity – condensation can accumulate under the glass.


It is more often used in inexpensive wristwatches – Diesel, Armani Exchange, Orient, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Timex.

In terms of aesthetic characteristics, the mineral glass is practically not inferior to the sapphire analog. 


  • transparency – all the details on the dial are visible even from a distance;
  • correction under a magnifying glass – relevant for people with low vision;
  • possibility of polishing – when scratches appear, they can be easily removed by polishing.


  • tendency to some haze on contact with dust and acid-alkaline environments.


Sapphire crystal is a sign of solidity. It is used mainly by famous brands: Bruno Sohnle, Maurice Lacroix, Oris.


  • does not grow cloudy over time;
  • is not covered with scratches and looks flawless;
  • transparency and resistance to damage indicate prestige and noble origin.


  • relative fragility, glass is broken by a direct strong impact.

To know how to choose a good men’s wristwatch, it is important to consider every detail and component. Having listened to the advice of the experts of the DECA online store, it will be easy to decide which glass is better for a wristwatch.