Alchemy Holistic Ubud Bali – Beta Release Therapy

Alchemy Holistic Ubud Bali – Beta Release Therapy

Life will throw many challenges at you and it starts at an early age. How your parents treat you, let alone peers in the classroom can result in how you react towards people and loved ones later on in life. In the last three years, I’ve had an unbelievable amount of harsh experiences. In the space of 6 weeks, I had a house fire, car accident and a broken nose. At the moment I have a fracture to my right hand which was an unpleasant encounter with a young thief. On my stay in Ubud, I came across Dean Powell, a therapist at Alchemy Holistic, and I was intrigued to see what he had to offer. Dean Powell is a quantum shift facilitator and Beta Release practitioner.

Dean Powell - Beta Release Practitioner At Alchemy Holistic

Dean Powell – Beta Release Practitioner At Alchemy Holistic

What Is Beta Release?

Beta release is a physical alignment that balances the left and right lobes of the brain. It immediately takes the body out of inappropriate states of stress so the body’s natural energy flow can resume. I had never heard of such a treatment but was open to try. First you will read my experience and after that, Arturo will share his experience about the same treatment.

Gracie’s Experience

I’ve had many counselling sessions through my life and I am a true believer in Jesus Christ. One thing I understand is that God can and will choose certain people to get you back on track. Dean is a personality that you instantly feel comfortable with. He explains very clearly that he is a facilitator and what ever happens throughout the treatment varies.

I never once felt out of control, pressured, let alone intimidated, and this is very crucial for a treatment like this. Dean explained thoroughly what he would do and this was reassuring. Once I lay down in a specific position, which is important for Beta Release, I was ready. I was open and this is a key to get the maximum out of a session. You can bring a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink.

Throughout the treatment, Dean recognised the deep inner healing that I needed and he was spot on. Once he found the problem which was where I held all my stress, in this case my neck, his words were a clear indication of how my natural energy was out of whack. Dean knows what he is doing and when the first energy release came, which came out of nowhere, I kid you not, I felt an instant release like the whole world was literally booted out of me. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I felt I was walking on eggs shells in a good way. The instant energy I felt was even more impressive, it was a sensation like every negative programming in my brain was released.

Dean explained the body was clever and over the next few days I would feel emotions that were crucial in more stress release. I do believe it was Dean’s way that this treatment worked its wonders. I would encourage anyone trying it for the first time, that if you don’t feel right about who is working on you, then to recognise that and choose someone else. Don’t worry, your instincts are there, you just need to tap into it.


Arturo’s Experience

After filling out a few forms about illnesses and health problems I had in the past, I met up with Dean Powell for my Beta Release treatment. He asked about my past and got me thinking about my childhood and my upbringing. I have had issues with the early death of my father when I was aged nine and also some more recent issues that have triggered anxiety. Dean did notice I was well balanced in life and level headed but I was walking on eggs shells sometimes holding back some of my emotions, which I do agree with.

After the chat Dean quickly explained what the next step of the treatment was, which was some heavy pulling around the neck area which would sound like the popping of gas, similar to the sound when you pull your finger. He would also pull my left arm for energy release to the heart, and pull the right arm for energy release to the liver. After that, I laid down on my back with Dean starting to gently massage my neck. After he turned my head to the right and he pulled hard with a great shock, I felt all my bones in my neck pop at once. Almost like he ripped my head off and put it back. The same pull was repeated when he turned my head to the left. After that, I received the pulls in both arms which resulted in some short tingling sensations. I did not feel an immediate release like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, but then I did not think I was holding too much stress in my body, something I learned to deal with after previous anxiety attacks this year. What I did feel was relaxation and calmness, like everything, will be alright in my life.

Dean did explain different people would react differently to this Beta Release treatment. Dean himself said when he received this type of treatment first, it did not do much to him. I like it when someone is honest like that.

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