Testosterone is a hormone that is produced primarily in men and in small amounts in women. This hormone is responsible for the development of male masculine characteristics and growth. Testosterone production increases approximately 30 times more during adolescence and early adulthood. The levels decline each year slightly after maturity. Therefore, it is natural to have low testosterone as you age.

In other instances, your doctor may prescribe testosterone therapy if you are found to have low levels than expected or need testosterone replacement therapy for other conditions or hypogonadism. Prescribed testosterone therapy is available as gels, intramuscular injections, and skin patches. You can get testosterone injections for sale, and self-administer the medication at home after your doctor shows you how. Here are some of the least-known health benefits of testosterone.

Builds Muscle

Testosterone is associated with increased muscle mass while controlling weight and increasing energy. For men with low testosterone, therapy can decrease fat mass and increase strength and muscle mass. However, you may experience a change in lean body mass but no increase in power. Therefore, it is advisable to combine testosterone therapy with exercise and strength training for maximum results.

Builds Muscle

Improves Libido

Naturally, testosterone levels rise in response to sexual arousal and activity. Young men with higher testosterone levels usually have more significant sexual activity, while older men need more testosterone for erectile function and libido. However, for men who do not have hypogonadism or have other causes of erectile dysfunction, increasing testosterone levels may not benefit their libido. Testosterone can help your sexual performance and health.

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Healthy Blood and Heart

Testosterone helps in red blood cell production through the red bone marrow. Hence, low levels of testosterone are associated with a variety of cardiovascular risks. Click to read here to know about the various studies that were done to relate testosterone levels with cardiac function. Men under treatment whose testosterone levels returned to normal have been associated with a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

Stronger Bones

Strong bones support your internal organs and muscles, which helps boost athletic performance. Testosterone increases bone mineral density. Bone density decreases as men age and testosterone levels drop, raising the risk of weak bones and osteoporosis. Research shows that as long as the dose is high enough, bone density increases with testosterone treatment.

Improves Functioning of the Brain

There has been a reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s diseases associated with testosterone treatment. Testosterone therapy has also been associated with improved thinking abilities such as faster processing speed and verbal memory. Therapy for men who are 34-70 years old has shown an improvement in spatial memory.

Improved Mood

A few of the symptoms of reduced testosterone levels include fatigue, depression, and irritability. The effect of hormone replacement therapy can vary. A recent study showed reduced fatigue and irritability and also improves mood and well-being after hypogonadism treatment with testosterone. Hence therapy can be an effective anti-depressant.

However, always buy testosterone injections for sale|testosterone cypionate online|buy testosterone cypionate online with prescription. Testosterone replacement therapy is not beneficial to men whose levels fall within the normal range but lower than average testosterone levels. Click to read here for the types of testosterone injection therapy available for various health conditions.