Arang Sate Bar Ubud Bali – Sate Redefined

Arang Sate Bar Ubud Bali – Sate Redefined

Arang Sate Bar Ubud Bali – Sate Redefined

I’m always scouting out for new and interesting places when it comes to food. I visited Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali, five and six years ago, and I have seen a dramatic change during that time. The food scene has improved a lot over that time period. I instantly noticed a new establishment called Arang Sate Bar. For me first impressions count and within Ubud itself you can notice a change when it comes to new architecture. The two-story façade of Arang integrates into the traditional Balinese tulikup temple brickwork. But its classy metal and glass framework that partially covers the front terrace of the restaurant, and terrazzo flooring in Javanese-inspired geometric motifs is a new concept for Ubud. This is the latest undertaking of Indonesian restaurateur and Chef Agung Nugroho (who has worked for noted New York restaurants Nobu, Spice Market, and Buddakan among others) and his wife Kirsten Weymar, who designed and decorated the restaurant’s classic brasserie-like interior.


Arang Sate Bar stood out from anything I’m used to seeing within Ubud. This bar is a perfect location where you can get away from the hassle and noise of this interesting city. It’s a perfect oasis to chill and experience an immaculate setting and is right opposite the Ubud Palace, a place where many dance performances take place at night. My first of impression of Arang is that it looks like a high end expensive wine and dine venue. But don’t be intimidated by its perfect and well thought out architecture, because this is an understated hidden gem with very reasonable pricing considering the quality of its food, more about that in my review.

Arang Sate Bar The Philosophy

Arang Sate Bar’s chef has taken sate from what most of us are familiar with and has redefined the whole concept of sate. Its menu offers a great variety for you to explore and one that won’t disappoint. The presentation of both food and drinks is of a high standard and price versus food quality is unbelievable. The anticipation whilst waiting is part of the whole experience and once the food is served you are truly in for some amazing food.

All the organic greens, herbs and spices are sourced from Bedugul Bali.  The red meats are imported from New Zealand and Australia with the rest sourced in Bali.

”Arang’s focus and identity revolves around the contrasts between traditional Indonesian sate and my own creations inspired by years of working with marinades, skewers, grills and sambals.” – Chef Agung Nugroho

What We Ate

We are very familiar with Indonesian cuisines so our expectations were high when ordering. We chose pork sate, lamb sate, a meat combo sate and fish combo sate as we wanted to experience an array of chef Agung Mugroho cuisines. From a visual point of view the food looked very artistic and balanced both on the plate and in its presentation, this got my creative juices into overdrive mode. I knew I was going to be in for an unexpected divine treat. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the portions which are big, unlike the Warung (traditional Indonesian eatery) portions.

It is important to understand that the sate that is presented at Arang’s is of a very high standard and unique to this restaurant. Chef Agung’s love, passion and expertise is clearly displayed through the concept of this sate bar. There are only very few places within Indonesia that have this kind of concept. Therefore, it’s an experience that I highly recommend even for the budget conscious. Its price should not put you off at all because what you get in return is value for money on a high level. For those from New York let alone London, you will never get this food quality and service for even triple this price.

1. Pork Sate – Sate Babi Pleching Klungkung
Pork Sate

Pork Sate – “Sate Babi Pleching Klungkung” – $5.00

2. Lamb Soulder Sate – Sate Gule Kambing
Lamb Shoulder Sate

Lamb Shoulder Sate – “Sate Gule Kambing” – Red Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Light Gule Broth, Rice cake – $8.50

3. Meat Sate Tasting
Meat Sate Tasting

Meat Sate Tasting – 400 gr of meat – $17

4. Fish & Shellfish Sate
Fish and Shellfish Sate

Fish & Shellfish Sate – 400 grams – $15

Juices and Beverages

We opted for mock-tails and I have to say the presentation and the taste was very refreshing and after a hot day scouting through the streets of Ubud these mock-tails cool you right down.

Various Delicious Mock-tails

Various Delicious Mock-tails – $2.50 to $3.50

I also opted for a cappuccino and it was one of the best I’ve had in Ubud and trust me I have tried many different cafes. The staff are so gentle in their service and very on the ball when it comes to observing you requiring something.


Taking children through out Asia has its challenges, and when it comes to food that they are not familiar with, it can be a very stressing experience. The Arang Sate Bar caters well for the young family members as they have proper high chairs, which is crucial to any parent’s sanity. The staff are very accommodating towards families so children screaming here and there is not an issue, and you don’t feel uncomfortable at all. We opted for a chicken sate which my children initially were not keen on. But when all the food came out the presentation overtook and they were keen to try. The fruit juices, we ordered watermelon juice, are well presented and my children loved them. All in all my children tried the food and loved the rice, due to the cute way it was presented. The staff and management can accommodate you for any specific request, so the word spice is not feared from either parent or child.

I’m well traveled and you can see that I am tasting 5 star food here. Arang Sate Bar has the best sates I’ve every tasted in my life. The presentation of the food is fabulous and the combinations of sates are both traditional and fusion style combining eastern with western elements, like meatballs with blue cheese as an example. If you ever visit Ubud make sure you plan a visit to the Arang Sate Bar.

A special thank you to Anton Henrich who shared many fond moments whilst eating.


  • Arang Sate Bar
  • Website:
  • Jl Raya Ubud no 8, Ubud, Gianyar 80571, Bali, Indonesia
  • Tel. +62 (0)361-4792199

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