Are you struggling to buy a mask?  Are you feeling anxious about going to the supermarket without a mask?

I have been friends with Angela all my life and I want to help her as much as I can as she is lockdown in Rome, Italy for now will be 7weeks.

Across the globe, we are being told that masks protect us from Coronavirus. In this anxious time, it is important to protect ourselves and others from getting the virus.

In most countries now it is mandatory to wear them when going out. So ditch the hideous masks out there and never compromise fashion for any virus.

Bespoke Face Mask - Fight COVID19 In Style

Italian fruit market workers in Bitritto Bari Puglia. Angela donated 200 masks to her family home town.

Masks are part of lives until a vaccine has been found.

Have you lost your jobs and need to do anything to put food on the table?


Bespoke Face Mask - Fight COVID19 In Style

Angela Facchini has worked with Bella Hadid and High Fashion Events around the globe!

Bespoke Masks Saving Lives

Angela Facchini, Haute Couture Designer for many years was sewing bespoke clothing for public events. Now that weddings are canceled, fashions show no longer happening and  Tango Classes a thing of the past due to social distancing.

Is why Angela is sewing bespoke masks. You can buy her limited edition masks from

Bespoke Face Mask - Fight COVID19 In Style

Bespoke Face Mask - Fight COVID19 In Style

Supporting Sustainable Fashion

Angela has so many new off-cut fabrics from years of sewing. She is has a limited fabric so what you see on-line won’t be there for long. As demand increases Angela will be creating new high-quality designs.

You are also when buying are making sustainable choices when wearing your limited edition masks.

In this lockdown, moral and mental health is taking its toll. You can change that by wearing fun, fashionable masks.

Bespoke Face Mask - Fight COVID19 In Style

Coronavirus Update

You and I know that the vaccine for this virus may take months if not years to find. You can make a difference when buying your mask. Your purchase is feeding Angela and her bills.

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Angela has been in lockdown for six weeks. During that time she made over 200 masks for Bitritto Italy. and gifted them to people on the front line, supermarket workers.

Bespoke Face Mask - Fight COVID19 In Style