With the cannabis industry continuing to explode in popularity at record speeds, manufacturers continue to discover innovative smoking methods and supporting accessories to smooth out the process of getting your next high.

King Palm features its new premium Turbo Butane Torch Lighters plus a whole collection of its best dab torch lighters. Its dab torch lighter supply has a lightweight, ergonomic design, with its R&D department engineering a powerful adjustable flame. In addition to its high flame temperature, long burn time, and high gas capacity, it offers many high-end designs at all price points.

Today, we’ll explore the entire line of King Plam’s torch lighters for sale by highlighting the unique features users enjoy most.

Turbo Butane Torch Lighter

dab torch lighter

The Turbo Butane torch allows for enhanced flame control when hitting your next dab.

Expert dabbers prefer a dab torch that can heat their dab nail as fast as possible, so you can get to inhaling your wax much more quickly.

Other seasoned dab smokers explain that you need to control your temperature between approximately 350F – 450F for a much smoother pull.

With this torch for dab rig lighter, you can easily adjust the strength of the flame to allow you better control over how fast the nail heats up.

Due to the flexibility and comfortable control, users are finding this dab rig torch ideal to suit the needs of any type of dabbing.

Since this is an ergonomically engineered blow torch dab flame, its lightweight design is meant to fit comfortably in your hand for optimal functionality.

No more dealing with a giant oversized gas tank with excessively large flames.

Now you can enjoy an ideal-sized dab blow torch developed for optimal efficiency in all measurements of what makes a good dab torch a long-lasting, go-to, top-grade cannabis accessory item.

Newport Torch Lighter

newport torch lighters

A palm-sized portable butane lighter that’s perfect for on-to-the-go dabbing needs in any weather condition.

What users enjoy most about this Newport torch lighter is the unique method of igniting the flame by squeezing the two sides together.

With its improved features, this is a must-have dab torch lighter for cannabis consumers looking for the best dab torch lighter for travelers.

When you’re out and about, and you’re ready for a group dab session, you can feel confident knowing you have a portable butane torch that’s big enough to satisfy the entire circle.

Simply put this super lightweight dab rig torch in your pocket or purse, and you’re ready to comfortably travel to your favorite smoke spot to light up.

You can also easily refill this premium blow torch dab rig with any standard butane recharger for added convenience.

HYDRA – Triple Jet Dab Torch Lighter

triple flame torch lighter

This triple flame butane torch lighter is your high-end luxury ultra-strong piece of equipment when you need to overcome even the most severe weather conditions.

A robust piece of technology is the milk and honey of any dab torch lighter available on the market with its exceptional high energy output.

Even though it may have a smaller size, the flame-to-size ratio output outperforms any other dab torch lighter in its class.

With a standard push-button ignition, you can feel right at home with its effortless design and its elegant high-quality gold metal edge trimmings.

Not only does it have a refillable butane tank, but it also comes with a fun black gift box with a microfiber cloth to keep your premium quality dab torch lighter looking and feeling brand new.

Newport Premium Sparkwheel Torch Lighter


Another collaborative design brings cannabis consumers a premium hybrid butane torch with a standard spark wheel to add a unique flair for your enjoyment.

This is more of your standard-sized lighter with a refillable tank with additional safety features in the ignitor to prevent accidental ignition.

When the jet flame is ignited, it can burn up to 2300F for a high-powered option in a small-sized butane torch lighter.

The R&D team carefully handcrafted the comfortable ergonomic features that make holding and operating it feel more secure.

Users are taking advantage of the extremely powerful jet flame with the extended burner head to give it maximum efficiency, control, and power for any dabbing needs.

Whether at home or en route to your destination, this pocket-sized dab rig torch is a go-to option for new and seasoned smokers.

Jet Flame Lighter Collection

torch lighter clipper

These jet flame lighters are your most affordable dab torch lighter that’s not only reliable but also reusable when the butane tank runs out.

A powerful collection of jet flame blow torch dab lighters comes in several color options, including black, blue, green, pink, red, and white.

In addition to the standard solid color items, you have the option to choose from four stylized designs for a more interesting experience.

Additional clipper lighter designs include.

Their jet flame lighter collection is a popular option for dabbers on a budget looking for a quality, long-lasting lighter they can use over and over without worrying about it losing its ability to properly function.

Final Thoughts On The Best Butane Torch Lighters

The above-listed options are unquestionably the best butane torch available on the market due to their superior design, engineering, and efficient built-in functionality, with several portable options to explore.

No matter what type of dabber you are, this company has something to satisfy your needs with the best butane torch lighters available on today’s market.