The world of watches has changed dramatically over the last decade. In 2015, the introduction of smartwatches and the Apple Watch brought about an entirely new way to wear a watch. Bulova watches for men are a revolution as well.

In 2022, we’re still in the midst of this revolution, but it looks like it will get even bigger by that time! Below you’ll find some of our favorite styles from this year so you can determine which suits your tastes best.


apple watch

You may have heard of smartwatches, but what exactly are they? Smartwatches are wristwatches with built-in computers that you can use to make phone calls, track activity, and send messages.

They’re also more powerful than traditional watches because they contain more processing power.

Smartwatches are only sometimes compatible with iOS or Android; some require additional apps for you to use them properly on your phone. These go very well with handmade shoes.

Pilot watch

pilot watch

If you’re peeking for the best watches for men in 2022, look no further than pilot watches. These stylish timepieces are known for their timeless looks and reliable functionality.

They come in different styles and colors, but they all have one specialty in common: they can be worn 24/7 by anyone who loves exploring new places or getting involved with their community.

Pilot watches are perfect for any man who wants something comfortable to wear all day long without breaking the bank (or his wrist).

Driver watch

driver watch

The Driver watch is a great option for any guy who wants to look sporty and stylish. This watch has a water-resistant construction, so you can wear it while swimming, running, or working out at the gym.

It’s also tough enough to handle life’s daily grinds without breaking down on you or losing its shine over time and because it’s made from stainless steel, it won’t rust either!

The Driver watch has large numbers on its face, so you can easily read them at night when wearing your glasses. This makes this style perfect for everyday wear (or even work) since there won’t be any problems seeing what time it is if needed during an emergency. Such as finding someone after hours when they’re locked up inside an office building far away from home base camp).

Dress watch

dress watch

Dress watches are for formal occasions, such as weddings and black-tie events. They’re also more expensive than other types of watches because they have complex movements that require more care and attention.

While many men like wearing a dress watch to work or on weekends, it’s important to remember that this type of watch can’t be used as your everyday watch; instead, it’s best suited for special occasions only.

A good dress watch should be durable enough to withstand daily use while still maintaining its elegance and classic style over time.

And if you’re looking at buying one now before 2022 rolls around completely (which would make them even more expensive), then there are plenty of options out there!

Moon phase watch

moon phase watch

If you’re examining for a watch that will make you look stylish and maintain a sense of masculinity and self-confidence, moon phase watches are a perfect choice.

These watches have been around since 1922 and don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. The main reason why these watches remain so popular is that they combine all of your favorite things into one timepiece: style, nostalgia, and utility!

Moon phase watches are also perfect for men who want something unique about themselves. You can wear them during any season even when it’s snowing outside!

Military watch

Military watch

Military watches are watches that have been designed to be functional, durable, and reliable. They are suitable for both military personnel as well as civilians.

Military watches can be of any style or design; however, they should have the following features:

  • Durable construction: Military watches should be made of high-quality materials like titanium or stainless steel to withstand heavy wear and tear over time without breaking down. A watch’s case should also have a mineral crystal glass that protects sensitive electronic components from shock during falls or accidents.
  • Water resistant: If you plan on wearing your watch while exercising outdoors, it must be waterproof so that sweat won’t damage it during physical activities such as running or swimming laps in the pool at night (unless you’re going pretty far out).