Any cat lover will immediately fall in love with the blank panther looks of a Bombay cat. However, getting a cat goes beyond its looks, as it may have some characteristics that you never bargained for. If you are considering getting a Bombay cat then you would need to understand the breed to help you decide if it is the right breed for you. Therefore, this article discusses things you need to consider before you adopt or own a Bombay cat.


Bombay cats were developed by Niki Horner to have the look of the blank panthers of India. This gives them a fiery look, but do not allow yourself to be fooled by this look. Bombay cats are typically calm and adjust well to almost any household type. Check this article for a list of cats that can also adjust to any household type. So, even if you have kids or dogs, you do not have to worry about bringing in a Bombay cat.

However, they have a reputation of wanting to be in authority, so if you have other cats in the household, they may not get along. Not unless they accept your Bombay’s need for superiority.

They are very curious and enjoy being given a lot of attention; therefore, they tend to love people and may be very talkative. They are also active and can do tricks, retrieve, and even take a walk with a leash on if they are taught. However, their activeness is not intense that you would get worn out.

Due to their constant need for attention, they would not do so well if you leave them alone for long. Despite this, they can stay self-entertained if they are given a toy or even a piece of paper or yarn. But they will also want to always sit on your lap or try to get in bed too at bedtime.

And they also happen to be very intelligent, so, manipulating a toy puzzle, or learning tricks is one way to keep them mentally alert. You can also give it a treat as a sort of reward whenever it can master a new trick or manipulate a puzzle.

Conclusively, if you do not have the time to cater to the attention-seeking nature of this breed, you may consider getting a cat of a different breed.

Bombay Cat

Grooming Needs

Bombay cats are low maintenance as they shed very little and have a very short coat. Since their coats are very short, you would only need to brush its coat weekly to keep it fine and shiny. You would also have to give it a bath whenever it is necessary.

You need to frequently brush its teeth with vet-approved pet toothpaste. This would prevent tooth decay and keep its breath fresh. Do you want to know how to brush your pet’s teeth? Then, click here: You need to start these activities when your cat is at a very young stage, preferably when it is still a kitten, this would make your pet used to the routines.

You will also have to regularly trim its nails to prevent it from ruining your furniture, you can do this weekly or whenever the nails are overgrown. You would also need to clean its ears with a cleanser that has been recommended by your vet, this should be done whenever the ears are dirty.

Feeding Routine

Bombay cats like to eat and may get obese very fast; therefore you would have to be very careful as regards its feeding routines. You may have to consider cat food that emphasizes weight management. Also, keeping it on a feeding schedule could help.


The breed is healthy but like most cats, this breed can develop some genetic health issues. This is why you should be very meticulous when you get your cat; ensure you get a sort of health guarantee.

Aside from genetic diseases, this breed is more prone to certain diseases, some of which are:

  • Tearing of the Eyes – This is not such a serious issue because it can be cured with drops.
  • Obesity – This dark satin coat of this breed hides their weight gain very well so you may not notice when they are getting obese. Obesity may shorten the expected life span since it would lead to a lot of health issues. As an owner of this cat breed, you would have to ensure you always watch its weight.
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) – This is a heart disease that is known to plague most cat breeds. If a cat has HCM, the heart muscle would begin to thicken. Avoid any breeder that assures you that the cat cannot develop HCM; this is because they cannot know for certain. As a parent of a Bombay cat, you would need to test your pet regularly with an echocardiogram to check if it is developing HCM.

You can learn more about this cat breed – Bombay on Holistapet or other such reputable pet sites.

You will be required to constantly be on the lookout for your pet to ensure it stays in pristine condition. Therefore, do not get this breed if you lead a busy life. This round-the-clock sitting will not be convenient for anyone without time on their hands.


Understanding the characteristics, health, grooming needs, and feeding routine of a Bombay cat breed is very important before you choose to adopt one. We believe everything discussed in this article will be of help to you as you may your decision.