Can Having an Electric Car Affect Your Insurance

Can Having an Electric Car Affect Your Insurance

Are you thinking about making the switch to an electric car? An increasing number of motorists are making the switch and it is easy to see why as the technology and infrastructure improve along with pressure from the media and Government. For those making the switch, they are often hesitant because they have a number of questions, including how having an electric car can affect your insurance.

Read on for all that you need to know about coverage for an electric vehicle.

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Higher Rates

You will usually find that it is slightly more expensive to insure an electric car than a regular vehicle. The main reasons for this are not that you are a riskier driver but instead because these vehicles are more expensive to purchase and repair. While this may deter some, you must think about the savings that you can make with an electric car which can be huge in the long-run so it is still a smart financial choice to make.


Getting Cheaper

Not only this, but premiums for electric vehicles have started to become more affordable in the last few years. This is large because there is more data available for the cost of repairs so it is easier to work out how much it might cost, plus people are becoming more familiar with how to fix common problems with electric cars.

Additionally, more insurers have entered the market which has reduced rates to be more competitive. Another reason that the cost has started to decline is the fact that statistics show that electric cars are less likely to be stolen (and more likely to be recovered). This is because of the range limitations and the fact that charging can be a time-consuming practice.


Not All Insurance Affected

It is also important to note that not all types of insurance are affected. While you may find that your comprehensive car insurance policy might cost more (for now), GAP insurance remains the same particularly when you use a specialist like Direct Gap. This is an intelligent type of policy to take out as it can provide financial protection if the vehicle is ever written-off by providing the shortfall between the insurance payout and the amount originally paid – due to depreciation, this could be thousands of pounds.

Higher insurance premiums may put off some motorists from making the change but it shouldn’t because you can still make huge savings with an electric car, plus the cost of insurance is gradually coming down as they become more common. Protection Status

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