Cheap Monday – Jeans Geniuses

Cheap Monday – Jeans Geniuses

Cheap Monday – Jeans Geniuses

I think we would all agree that a key item in any man’s wardrobe is a good pair of jeans.  Jeans are one of the most versatile items of clothing; they can be partnered with anything to create both formal and casual looks.

With jeans being such a staple in men’s fashion it is surprising how many brands do not get it right. I pose this question to you, how many of you have purchased a pair of jeans that felt and looked OK in the store, only for them to look ill-fitting and cheap in the not too distant future?

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Cheap Monday – Quality Denim

A problem I have encountered myself, I had started to become frustrated and generally accepted that I would constantly be purchasing new pairs of jeans every couple of months. That was until I discovered Cheap Monday. The Scandinavian brand is still a relatively new brand, launched as a brand in 2005, Cheap Monday has gone from being stocked in the owners Weekday store, to being stocked in Flagship stores around the globe, including London, Paris, Beijing and Copenhagen.

I came across the brand on a trip to Copenhagen in the first store Cheap Monday ever opened. Browsing the array of fits and colours I found the jeans I was looking for, these were then altered slightly on the leg (free of charge) to create the perfect fit. The staff were clearly knowledgeable about their products, how to care for them and what sizes and fits each person should opt for.

An affordable and long lasting, Cheap Monday is definitely a brand I will opt for again in the future when purchasing jeans amongst other fashion staples.

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They do some great eye-wear as well. Everyone loves the ones Gracie Opulanza wears.


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