Christopher Raeburn

Getting the chance to intern with Christopher Raeburn was both fun and such a pleasure, the admiration I have for his recycled military fabrics ranging from parachute silks to cotton wools was a great experience to work with. From tracing patterns and running errands in the studio to dressing the models for the SS15 show are just a few jobs I have experienced with working within Raeburn’s great team. With me having gained such a great knowledge with working in the production, seeing the collection come to life on the catwalk was a great sight to see, and being a supporter of Raeburn since he started made the overall atmosphere 100% better.

SS15 Debut

With his SS15 debut on the 15th June, the audience got to see the latest looks with translucent fabrics and his use of green-cabled matching jacket, shorts and backpack. Using his Military style signature, his inspiration follows an Arizona storehouse for Aircrafts known as the Boneyard (Aircraft graveyard) where they are kept for storage and some turned into scrap metal awaiting to be reused which is reflected through the colours and fabrics. Also having reference to both tailoring and sportswear, Raeburn had used techniques such as placing cards with jets printed on top and then heat pressed them onto a tailored traditional grey jacket. Plus the use of layering translucent lightweight jackets with a grey jersey or a green nylon top underneath uniting with orange and grey mesh is a great blend.

Remembering the four R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle and Raeburn which perfectly describe his character shows that he is a great sustainable designer and is a perfect example of someone trying to make a change in the world with great, bold and new ideas.

With this in mind, I would highly recommend to work with Christopher Raeburn; a great designer, a great person and a huge inspiration.

Christopher Raeburn - Air Force Fashion for Men (1) Christopher Raeburn - Air Force Fashion for Men (2) Christopher Raeburn - Air Force Fashion for Men (3) Christopher Raeburn - Air Force Fashion for Men (4)

Interview with Christopher Raeburn

Here is an interview Gracie Opulanza has done with Christopher previously at the London Fashion Week.