For those that know me the most common tweets that come my way are? Gracie love to catch up for a coffee. Now being of Italian descent drinking coffee was truly stylish in every possible way. In fact growing up around my Italian family and friends having a coffee was about showcasing your style on a relaxing Sunday. It was and still is all about dressing up in your personal style and showing everyone your style on the streets of Italy. That’s when you drink coffee, we love to drink in style and admiration.

Sunday Fashion – Catwalk Coffee In Style

When I first went to Italy in 1996 for me the most empowering memories was how the Italians dressed for Sunday. This was all about show casing your collection. Church was a first impression teaser. Walking in and revealing to all, that Jesus gave natural style and flare to the Italians. Yes we are Italian, we have style and we know it and we are going to show it. I know for a fact church worship in Italy on a Sunday was about evangelizing on another level. That confident arrogant look those Italians have when they walk in to church and scout the room is an unforgivable glare.

Yes I am talking about fashion trend worship. I will sing and praise to my God and in the meantime I am going to judge you from head to toe. My gosh what is my cousin wearing today? What label has he got on? Where did he get it from? How does he look so good? God forgive me.


The Piazza Catwalk

This is Zoolander in the making, I kid you not. The idea is after church after listening to God’s message. Though shall not judge. I don’t think the Italians ever get this scripture. It’s literally time for a walk off.  Yes you walk a thousand times around the piazza showcasing your latest collection. You stop, you glare, you walk on. You then strategically walk over to your friend give them a kiss of respect in some cases a Judas kiss. Then judgement day begins. It’s hilarious they either tell you how amazing you look or there is no holding back.

Who are you trying to be? What are your wearing? What did it cost?

Fashion Police & Coffee

The Italians are thick skinned,  they are stubborn, arrogant and there is no holding back. The debate will continue on sitting down with a coffee. The hands flare, the voices get louder and the fashion police have no mercy. I sit and observe for what is normal in Italy. Fashion, coffee go hand in hand. It’s Sunday and we are going to debate about YOUR STYLE.

They are naturally educated in their fashion sense. They feel, touch discuss what your style is trying to be about. They encourage you to continue your quest as being the local style icon. They slap you on the back, squeeze your cheeks, it’s a sign of mutual respect. They then turn their eyes onto to other fashion predators and drink and observe all Sunday long.

We are Italian, we are Fashion. Buono Pomeriggo ( Good Afternoon ), La Dolce Vita belongs to us.

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David Gandy - London Collections Men Interview for MenStyleFashion drinking Lavazza Coffee

Gracie Opulanza London Fashion Week MenStyleFashion (22)

Oliver Proudlock - Bespoke Fitted Tuxedo Tartan (1)

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