Comfortable Boxer Co – Boxer Briefs Tested

Comfortable Boxer Co – Boxer Briefs Tested

My Current Underwear

I have lots of different underwear in my wardrobe and they are all boxer briefs. I like this style of underwear as it has decent coverage and is snug unlike traditional boxer shorts. One of the problems I have with some of my current underwear is that it is too tight and therefor becoming too warm. It is partly due that by using the tumble dryer a few times the size shrinks and becomes too tight. I find myself taking my underwear of in bed as it just becomes too hot and I start to sweat.

Comfortably Boxer Co.

Last week I got 4 pairs of boxer briefs from the Comfortable Boxer co. through the post. This company has just launched a Kickstarer campaign to get the funding to produce its range of comfortable boxer briefs. You can read more about the Kickstarter project here.

I have tried this underwear for a week now and I must say I am sold. The boxer briefs feel soft, cool, breathable and are not too tight at all. Also after using the washing machine and tumble dryer, there are no signs of shrinkage. I hardly feel I have the underwear on. It all comes down to the main fabric that is used, which is a combination of 90% modal and 10% elastane. It is this modal fabric that gives this underwear its softness, it is twice as soft as cotton. Modal is derived from beechwood trees and is produced in an eco friendly way.


Everything else on the boxer briefs is done right from the elastic band to the stitching, I could not fault it. What I really liked was that there is no branding on the elastic band, giving the briefs an understated look. The price of $15 per pair is very reasonable if you consider the quality, the premium materials and how comfortable it wears.


If you want more comfortable underwear have a look at the Kickstarter campaign.

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