Commercial kitchen wall shelving is an open type structure that has several tiers and shelves. They are used in many catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pastry shops), as well as in grocery warehouses and supermarkets. This type of equipment contributes to the compact placement of dishes or packages with food.

Steel wall shelves save space and increase staff efficiency. The products are designed for operation in various climatic conditions, from refrigeration shops to pastry shops. The material tolerates temperature extremes and moisture well and is durable.

Commercial Kitchen Shelving

There are also special stainless steel shelves for washing dishes, they are installed above the sink or nearby, they have special compartments and compartments for plates, lids, pots, pans, cutlery, glasses and other dishes. These models allow you to quickly and effectively dry cleanly washed dishes.

Benefits of using stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mounted in a professional kitchen are:

  • Saving space.
  • Optimal technological process.
  • Safety and aesthetic appearance.

Modern steel wall shelves for the kitchen are made of high-quality alloy structural steels, smelted specifically for use in the food industry. Commercial kitchen wall shelving made of stainless steel is completely inert to all chemical compounds of organic and inorganic origin. The price of a kitchen rack depends on its linear dimensions. 

What is the commercial kitchen wall shelving? 

Commercial kitchen wall shelving is varied in design and purpose. The most popular designs are linear, but a corner shelving can also be made. Massive solutions are more functional, in them shelves can be used to store homemade preparations from vegetables and fruits, and decorative kitchen racks are often chosen for storing beautiful kitchen utensils. Among the varieties of kitchen shelving are:

  • A large wardrobe that contains a lot of useful little things, kitchen utensils and supplies;
  • Classic open stainless restaurant shelving stapled together. They are not complemented by either the back or sidewalls and can be placed in a niche or on one wall, while zoning the space, but not overloading it;
  • Mini-wall a more massive structure, where open shelves are combined with closed compartments;
  • A rack for the kitchen in the form of a lattice, where the shelves are located longitudinally and transversely;
  • Rotating shelves in the form of a cylinder. Such stainless steel elements fit well into a corner cabinet or can be used separately as a futuristic element of space.

The design provides for a change in the location of the wall shelves depending on the size of the items, the kitchen rack is adjusted within a few minutes, fixation is performed using special hardware. The surfaces of the stainless restaurant shelving are perfectly cleanable without the use of caustic chemical detergents  the working conditions of the service personnel are significantly improved. 

The commercial kitchen wall shelving has four adjustable legs it is possible to firmly fix the product even on an uneven floor surface. The height adjustment of the legs is smooth, the adjusting thread is protected from corrosion processes and retains its original condition for a long time.