Cowboy Boots – Unique Styles & Boots With Class

Cowboy Boots – Unique Styles & Boots With Class


Cowboy boots are a shoe that is a huge statement. The main reasons for cowboys wearing boots is because they aid in horse back riding. They are thick and tough, perfect for walking around in rugged country or doing work. They were also a symbol of the American cowboy. They made a cowboy who he was. His boots told his story, not to mention they look cool!

The Designer

R.Soles was established by Douglas Berney and opened on the Kings Road, Chelsea in 1975.  This store continues to offer our own unique styles and the highest quality boots. I’m loving their cowboy range.

Judy Rothchild is the designer of all our styles and has gained recognition for taking boots to the catwalks of New York, London, and Paris while still remaining true to the traditional cowboy boot form.

How to wear cowboy boots?

  • Under your denim jeans – Your boots will look like high heels, giving you a bit of extra height while still keeping your clothing relaxed. This particular appearance works the best with flared or wide-leg denim, simply because cowboy boots are usually fairly broad around the lower-leg, and could appear large if you use a more tapered jean. Furthermore, make certain your denim jeans are long because the goal isn’t to display excessive boot in this situation. This particular look is great because the toe of the boots is peeking from under your denim, this will make your legs appear super-long as well as slim.

Because the toe of the boot is the focus, in this case, choose a toe style that you like, such as Men’s  Square Toe Cowboy Boots.

  • Over your denim jeans – Cowboy boots are perfect with skinny denim. It’s so easy to tuck skinny denim inside any kind of boot. Regular straight leg denim could be folded over and tuck away to show off your boots. Try out partnering this particular look with a leather jacket as well as a nice man bag in order to reduce the actual country-ness.

Why would you wear cowboy boots? For the mere fact Jon Bon Jovi wrote a song about cowboys. Dead or alive get your boots on.

Cactus cowboy boots - R.Soles

Cactus cowboy boots – R.Soles

Obregon cowboy boots - R.Soles

Obregon cowboy boots – R.Soles

FLAMES cowboy boots - R.Soles


Calvi choc caiman cowboy boots - R.Soles

Calvi choc caiman cowboy boots – R.Soles

Full caiman black cowboy boots - R.Soles

Full Caiman,cowboy-boots,R.Soles

Roberto Cavalli, 2013 mens suits and alternative cowboy boot

Roberto Cavalli,  mens suits and alternative cowboy boot

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