David Gandy Interview – His Overview of London Collections: Men

David Gandy Interview – His Overview of London Collections: Men

David Gandy - Wearing Dolce and Gabbana

David Gandy’s Opinion of London Collections: Men

With the final hours of London Collections: Men coming to a close. I knew there was one man’s opinion I was after regarding London Collections: Men. What were David Gandy’s highlights? What were his favourite shows? What were his thoughts about NEWGEN? Also listen to what he has to say about Hackett, Oliver Spencer and Graduate Students for men.

Plus gentlemen notice how he treats his jacket. Gently placing it in the back of the car. NOT JUST THROWING IT! Unlike his mobile phone.


The Modern Gandy Outfit

Who says you can’t mix and match. Nice touch with the vest and grey tie and a well ironed white shirt that every man should own.

David wore little of Dolce & Gabbana a tad of Paul Smith along side Ralph Lauren and his specs are from Persol. I’m loving his boots. Nice heel Mr Gandy and good to see you too are suffering in the name of pointed toe boots. For all you trend setters you better embrace these boots because they are going to be huge this coming winter.

David Gandy - Gracie Opulanza wearing operational wardrobe


David Gandy - Being Interviewed by Gracie Opulanza

Please look at me when I’m speaking to you Mr Gandy

David Gandy - Drinking coffee

David Gandy Enjoying a Cup of Coffee - Listening to M&S Presentation

David Gandy - London Collections Men


David Gandy - London Collections Men


Image Credits: Maria Scard, theurbanspotter.com

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