Wear it Well  – Denim

If there should be one staple in your dresser, in your closest, or wherever it is that your store your pants, it should be a pair of well-made denim. Possibly the single most iconic piece of menswear of the 20th century, the whole concept for a pair of jeans began as a need for a pair of pants that would not fall apart.  Thus began the heavier fabric and riveting on the stress points of the garment.

 9-ounce denim in 1898

Jacob Davis along with his partner in creation, Levi Strauss, created the first pair of 9-ounce denim in 1898. They were both men who catered to the workers of the American railroad and sought to make a pair of pants that was reliable, sturdy, and could withstand the toughest, manliest of tasks.

 More than Just Another Piece of Workwear

From selvedge to raw, a light wash to a dark indigo, denim has become more than just another piece of workwear; it is a garment that is designed by craftsmen to create a piece that is timeless and stylish. Break them in and let your pair conform to your shape, and get comfortable, because they will be around for as long as you’d like them to be.


Here are several different styles and washes to give you an idea of what you should look for in your next pair.