Those who consider moving to Greece and are used to all the modern cons and online entertainment websites in their current country might want to know more about what this country offers. The rest of the article will look at the top five online entertainment websites in Greece.


If you are after online sports betting and casino in Greece then Stoiximan is the number one website in Greece according to Similarweb, a website that measures web traffic per country. The reason it is popular in Greece is that this website and app are both available in Greek and in English. You can read a good full review of Stoiximan casino on casinonet.

Sports betting

Youtube & Netflix

When it comes to video streaming services the global titans of YouTube and Netflix are the most popular sites in Greece. Pricing for both is on similar levels as in the UK or other European Union countries. Netflix has a library size of 4438 for Greece which is a lot less than the 5673 of the UK but more than the 3655 titles available for the Netherlands. You can always access your UK account from Greece to keep access to the larger library size.


Tainio Mania

Tainio Mania is another Greek site to go to for streaming and downloading movies and according to Similarweb, this is the fourth most visited website in the online entertainment section. This site is only available in Greek and you may need help from the translation function in your browser to help you guide around.


IMDb is the go-to website to find out anything about movies, TV series, actors and directors. Making an account on this website will allow you to tailor movie lists based upon your interests and you can also leave reviews for movies you have seen. IMDB also streams trailers of current and upcoming movies and TV series as well as exclusive interviews with actors and directors. Using the reviews on IMDB can spare you from watching crappy movies or TV series and help you find the ones that you will like.


Why Move to Greece

Who does not like vacationing in Greece from the sunkissed islands that dot the Mediterranean sea to the hecticness of Athens and all the archaeological sites that can be found around this country. Greece offers almost everything that tourist want. With its low cost of living, it also makes an excellent destination for people that want to retire in Greece. To attract more retirees to the country the Greek government has introduced a new initiative with a flat 7% tax rate.

This is not the only initiative Greece has to attract more foreigners or overseas Greeks to move to Greece. For 2021 it has an incentive to cut taxes by 50% for the first seven years for digital nomads or remote workers moving to Greece. So this year is the time to make the move to Greece.


As you can see there are plenty of online entertainment websites available in Greece, the options seem to be a mix of international websites as well as some excellent homegrown websites that can serve both Greek and expats in Greece. if you still feel bored online the country and its people offer plenty of exciting options as well. Ouzo anyone?