Drinking Coffee Before Workout – Effects on Your Exercise Routine

Drinking Coffee Before Workout – Effects on Your Exercise Routine

If you are feeling tired and lethargic, the chances are that you will not be looking forward to your next workout session. However, a cup of coffee may get you in the right mood. Coffee stimulates you and makes you more alert and energetic. When you take coffee before working out, you will certainly be more enthusiastic for a vigorous session.

Why People Enjoy Drinking Coffee Before Workout

Some people can hardly avoid their favourite online tea and coffee shop. They are always looking for the strongest brand of coffee to kick start their day. Moreover, missing their early morning cup of coffee makes them feel fatigued throughout the day. If you are one of these people, you have probably tried out different types of coffee to rejuvenate.

Over the years, coffee has earned a bad reputation. However, the narrative is changing for those who love their cup of coffee before a workout session. This is because taking coffee before an exercise session will raise your performance. Studies also show that drinking coffee an hour before working out sets your body in the right tone. As such, you are likely to have a wonderful and productive workout session.

Effects of Drinking Coffee Before Exercising

Studies show that athletes who prefer to drink coffee before embarking on their regular workout, burn about 15% more calories than their counterparts. Furthermore, athletes who take caffeine in the morning consume fewer calories throughout the day.

The effects of drinking coffee before a workout session are undeniable. Here are the reasons why you should drink coffee before your next workout:

1. Coffee Makes You Active

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you do not feel like doing anything. Even so, you need to keep up with your morning routine. In such circumstances, coffee brewed from high-quality coffee beans is all you need. One cup of coffee will raise your body’s level of alertness and make you active. Aside from that, coffee keeps you focused on the task at hand, and that could translate to an incredible workout session.

2. Reduces Muscle Pain

Did you know that caffeine is one of the contents used to manufacture pain relievers such as Anacin and Excedrin? Caffeine’s pain-relieving property can also be used to reduce muscle pain caused by a rigorous workout. However, the debate on this is still ongoing on the effects of taking caffeine daily.

The good news is that drinking coffee before a workout reduces the chances of developing muscle pain after a workout by a staggering 48%. Therefore, if you experience unbearable muscle pain after an exercise session, drinking coffee could help.

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3. Muscle Fuel

More muscle fuel makes a difference in how you workout. It gives you an extra edge and helps you achieve more during an exercise session. The best part is that drinking a cup of espresso an hour before your workout acts as muscle fuel. After taking a coffee, you will feel energetic and accomplish a lot more on a single exercise session. Besides, you will not get tired quickly. If you are sometimes sluggish in the morning and can barely complete your exercise routine, drinking coffee could enhance your performance.

4. Keeps You Focused

Sometimes the alarm can interrupt your sleep in the morning. Your brain will automatically register that it is time to get up and workout. As you drag yourself out of bed, you realize that you will have a hard time concentrating on the exercises. If this is your current predicament, drinking a cup of the finest coffee before your workout can help. It will keep you rejuvenated and focused during your morning workout. Besides, when you are focused, you tend to be more careful and reduce the chances of accidents and injuries.

You may have to try out various types of coffee before you find one that works out for your morning routine. The goal is to find a coffee that you enjoy drinking and get through tough morning workouts. As you have seen, coffee can help you become a better athlete in numerous ways. It will ease the muscle pains that you experience after a rigorous workout, and help you jumpstart your exercise routine on a lazy morning.

Timing and Dosage

It’s better to drink some coffee around 45-60 mins before the workout. That allows your body to absorb the caffeine effectively. A regular cup of coffee contains roughly 100 mg of caffeine, so an average person needs 1 or 2 cups of coffee to get enough of it for a long workout. The best option to regulate the amount of caffeine before the workout is to drink coffee made by a coffee maker to be sure of how much you consume. Buying an Italian espresso machine is a good choice to control the dosage of caffeine.

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