Eco-Friendly – Green Living Hack Tips

Eco-Friendly – Green Living Hack Tips

Most of the time it can be difficult, or downright impossible to be completely sustainable. As much as we try, sometimes we might forget the little things we can do to be as eco-friendly as possible. Here are some green living hacks to keep you on track to helping the planet.

Reuse Single-Use

There are tons of ways you can ditch single-use items in favour of reusable ones. There are also a lot of strategies to repurpose things in your home that you would have never thought of before. Going with reusable instead of single-use products puts less trash in landfills and uses less harmful materials overall.


We all know reusable water bottles are on-trend, but you can also repurpose all sorts of water: your shower water, aquarium water, pasta water, and even your leftover ice has ways it can be recycled. This water can then be used for your garden, house plants or to even wash your floors. Get creative with all sorts of ways you can reuse your water.


With everything being online nowadays, you could consider automating your bill payments to reduce the amount of paper coming into your mailbox. Using an electronic calendar, scanning your important documents or photos for online use, and requesting email invoices are also great ways to reduce your paper usage.

Eco-Friendly - Green Living Hack Tips

Extend the Life of Your Possessions

Many people don’t know the expected lifespan of their possessions; even less realize that they can actually extend that lifespan if you are know-how. Not only will this help the environment and keep trash out of landfills, but it’ll help keep money in your wallet too.

In The Kitchen

Using reusable coffee filters, mixing DIY cleaners with the last bit of your store-bought, and even microwaving sponges are easy ways to get started in your kitchen. For more expensive items in your kitchen, routine maintenance should be done in order to keep those appliances running for years to come. That means things like cleaning the condenser coils in your fridge and replacing the charcoal filter in your microwave.

In the Living Room

Did you know you can use walnuts to remove scratches in furniture? But when you inevitably have to go and replace your furnishings, buying second hand is almost always the greenest option. On a smaller scale, LED lights are much better for the environment than most other conventional lighting because of their reduced energy usage.

In the Bathroom

Before you go and buy completely new toiletries every single week, remember that you can dry out soap for at least 48 hours before using it to extend its life. Razors can also last much longer than most think; just rub your dull razors on some denim to sharpen them back up. Single-use bathroom items are inherently wasteful, but if you put in the effort to make them last, the world would be a much cleaner place.

Flushing the toilet is also the largest single use of water in most households. Switching to a water-efficient toilet can decrease the amount of water used per flush from 4 gallons for old toilets or 1.6 gallons for standard ones to 1 to 1.3 gallons. Dual flush toilets are also greener options as they allow you to use less or more water when flushing, depending on the need.

Make Good Use of Your Money

Sometimes making an eco-friendly transition can get a little costly. Most of the time, those expenses are regained through long-term savings, and other times, it’s those costly options that make the most positive impact. Either way, you can be sure your money is being put to good use when it’s being used to save the Earth.

Eco- Friendly - Green Living Hack Tips

Give Experiences, Not Things

When it comes to gift-giving, you can ensure you’re getting more for your money by purchasing an experience instead of physical items. Experiences tend to be much more unique, while the excitement of a new gift can quickly fade and be discarded. Nowadays, there’s an eco-friendly experience for every type of person; Eco-beach resorts, sustainable all-inclusive cruise-lines, and earth-friendly escape rooms are all great options for an experience that won’t hurt the planet. 

Renovate Your Home

You wouldn’t believe where you’re losing energy (and worse, money) within your home. And although it takes a little effort, when it’s finally time to take on that renovation project you’ve been putting off, consider making your home a green one. This could save you both money and energy in the long-run, and your future self will thank you.

Eco- Friendly - Green Living Hack Tips

Invest in Carbon Capture

Being green is easier now than ever with carbon capture programs. Companies exist solely to try and reverse the effects of climate change. These companies accept donations in the form of “investments.” Many programs even have a carbon calculator so you can give a proportionate amount of money to the impact you’ve made.

Eco-friendly living doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Small strides can go a long way. So if you begin to employ the tactics that work best with your own lifestyle, you can be sure to make a greener impact for a cleaner tomorrow. Protection Status

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