Engagement Rings – Celebrity Trends For Men

Over time, we have always seen ladies flaunt their engagement rings with aplomb. From Elizabeth Taylor’s dazzling 33-carat diamond to the Duchess of Cambridge’s blue sapphire, these diamond rings have gone on to make headlines!

But, what about the men?

If recent trends are anything to go by, then it definitely looks like the management ring is here to stay. In fact, most modern men are wasting no time in showing off their new committed status by proudly wearing these rings! So, before the man engagement ring becomes common and loses its novelty, let’s talk about a few male celebrities who’ve pioneered this trend and rocked it!

Of course we are looking for some style inspiration too, from these dapper men and their striking engagement rings.

David Otunga and His Platinum Band

They are the ideal couple and have a wonderful son together. We are talking about our very own Harvard-educated, David Otunga and the gorgeous, talented singer, Jennifer Hudson. This pair gives couple goals to every twosome.

Just another way of doing this was Otunga sporting a man-gagement ring. Hudson gifted him a beautiful, solid platinum ring to declare her love and announce that he is taken. The ring is classy, sturdy and sexy, pretty much like Otunga himself.

Otunga is always seen sporting his ring, and there is an overwhelming consensus that this attorney, actor, and professional wrestler makes every man want to wear an engagement ring!

Michael Buble Follows Argentinian Tradition and Wears the Engagement Ring

 While we see Michael Buble and Luisiana Lopilato be brave and pray for their cancer-stricken three year old son, one cannot help but admire this couple and the high standards they set. When Buble was engaged to Luisiana who is from Argentina, he embraced the Argentinian tradition of men wearing engagement rings. He wears his silver band with tremendous élan and was cool enough to joke about it at a concert too: ‘The boy also wears the engagement ring (in Argentina). That’s what she tells me anyway.’

Quite the committed man, and quite the trendsetter!

Johnny Depp and His Diamonds

 It was the fairy-tale love story, until all hell broke loose and Amber Heard accused Depp of brutally assaulting her. Nonetheless, it can’t be denied that Johnny Depp gave a whole new twist to the man-gagement ring. Depp bought a stunning solitaire for his then fiancée, Amber Heard. When the ring did not fit her finger, instead of resizing it, he started wearing it himself and called it the chick ring. He sparked a trend  and showed how dainty diamonds can look oh-so-good on a man’s hand too. While not everyone can pull off delicate solitaires like Depp did, you can always have a few small diamonds encrusted on your engagement ring for a dash of bling and class.

Osi Umenyiora Goes All Out with Bling

 They are happily married now, and were captured bringing in their one-year anniversary in Thailand last year. When engaged, the stunning pair wore equally stunning engagement rings. Not one to cut down on the bling factor, Umenyiora wore a gold band lined with a bunch of dazzling diamonds. Kudos to the man and his now wife, Leila Lopes who went on to post on Instagram, “Yes I put a ring on him too.”

Charlie Sheen’s Unique Engagement Ring

It came as a real surprise to many when the bad boy of Hollywood showed off a ring on his engagement finger. Charlie Sheen was captured wearing an engagement ring when he was with Brett Rossi. It looked like an unadorned wedding band, and was neither in gold or silver. The paparazzi suspected it to be brass. While the engagement didn’t last, Sheen definitely turned a lot of heads with that ring and further flamed the man-gagement ring trend.


Finally, Here’s Our Take on the Man Engagement Ring Trend

A man-gagement ring is as much a symbol of commitment for a man as it is for the woman who gives it to him. Besides it’s high time men are made to feel special during the engagement phase too, and the ring is the perfect symbol to indicate permanence and commitment. We think this is going to be one trend that will come of age in 2017! And it looks so suave, we are definitely not complaining!




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