Fake Fur – Are Men Wanting To Wear Oversized Statement Coats?

Fake Fur – Are Men Wanting To Wear Oversized Statement Coats?

All luxury brands are happy that, Italy has banned new fur farming. This week at Milan Fashion Week, Dolce Gabbana chose to team up with Italian fur makers. So the artisan’s skills are preserved. Strutting the runway in underwear wearing a fake fur coat is what D&G decided to trend. Do men want to be walking around in statement oversized fake fur coats? Do men even care about the preservation of ( fattoamano ) handcrafted Fashion, everything made in Italy? We are happy the trainer lazy stay home clothing is not what is being pushed out for guys to be wearing for 2022. BUT!

Are men ready to take on the fake fur market?


Preservation Of Real Fur

Founder of MenStyleFashion Gracie Opulanza is all about preserving vintage fur. It is a bold move. No one want’s to be associated with wearing real fur.

Gracie Opulanza today is wearing preloved fashion. Her coat below is a faux/fake fur coat! In her own words.

It’s not as warm as real fur, and it’s not biodegradable therefore not good for mother earth.

Fake Faux Fur Vintage Gracie Opulanza

When she wears it men love it. But they dare not trend it themselves. Men also love her wearing real fur.

Fake Faux Fur Vintage Gracie Opulanza

Vintage Fur

Gracie Opulanza this winter has been inspiring women to buy vintage fur. To upcycle and wear the animal that once was. She is all for 100% banning new fur fashion being sold. But do men even want to be associated with animal fur?  To date, we have been in cold countries and it’s rare to see men wearing fur coats.

Maybe in Russia, but it’s not as common as you think. Would you wear real fur as a bloke?

Film And Real Fur For Men

Real fur is for the rapper, singer and actor image. It’s portrayed in movies as a tough image. A good example is.

Denzel Washington wore a real fur playing the criminal star in American Gangster. He did it because fur in the past meant you had lots of cash to waste. It was an opulent peacock statement sending out a message for being a very successful business gangster guy. It cost him dearly in the end.

He realised this and threw the fur in the fire.

If we guys wear real fur? Would we get told off as much as women? As men wearing fake fur or real fur seems more cool and acceptable behaviour.

Vintage fur

Fake Fur/ Faux Fur

Would you be seen wearing this coat? Where would you wear it? And would you wear it as lunge wear for the home? We have seen men wearing fast fashion fake fur from Desigual and ZARA. It certainly targets the eccentric guy. You can read more about the eco friendly of fake fur and faux fur on Gracie Opulanza. She wears it all the time.

Ski chalet trends 2022

Apres Ski is the perfect place to wear fake fur coats.

What Does your Fake Fur Coat Say About You?

If you going to opt for a look like this. What kind of message would you be sending out?

Guys that are into high-end fashion and are not afraid to share their personal style. He is the guy that won’t care about what other blokes think. But we would certainly notice that the rapper market is where it’s been targeted. That gangster, 50Cent or Kanye West follower. Or, Jay Z and that song, American Gangster is where we would see it the most.

It’s all about the fake fur personality message you are seeking to give out.

How To Style Your Fake Fur

We would advise some denim jeans and outlandish trainers. Layering is the key as the big fake fur jacket can be very warm. If you are opting for a black fake fur then opt for everything white underneath.

Amsterdam man riding bike streetstyle

The exciting message in wearing such an opulent fake fur coat. Is that the public is always guessing what you are wearing underneath. So be mystical like Henry Cavill acting in the Witchery. Keep loved ones or new friends guessing about your personal style underneath.

Wool Cardigan for men

Experiment, be playful and most of all have some fashion fun.

Long Wool Cardigans

If it’s all a tad too much?

Wool cardigan for Men

This is a guy wearing wool and trying to get into modelling. Gracie did a shoot with him last week wearing a wool long cardigan. Are men more comfortable in wearing wool long coats opposed to fur? He transformed into another guy when wearing it.


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