Fashion Guide – Monaco’s Monte Carlo Casino

Fashion Guide – Monaco’s Monte Carlo Casino

Nothing says glamour and glitz like Monte Carlo. It is the holy grail of high fashion, the world capital of tax haven chic. And, if there is one destination in Monte Carlo that epitomises this sense of wealth and style, it is surely the casino. Win or lose, you need to look cool and keep cool.

So, in this article, I want to take a look at the world of Monte Carlo’s casino for fashion inspiration. It doesn’t whether or not you are actually visiting this Mediterranean money paradise, we can still learn a thing or two from its millionaire punters.

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Dress For The Docks

Even the most basic billionaire has to have a yacht, and where better to show it off than Monaco harbor? Don’t worry, my first piece of fashion advice is not to buy a boat. Instead, just dress like you own one.

The trick to good nautical dress is to keep it simple. Think soft, neutral shades and well-tailored shorts. Absolutely no loud prints, Hawaiian shirts are a big no-no. You want clothes the fit well but are in no way flashy. Of course, if you want to hammer home the marine theme, you can even go for the classic blue and white striped t-shirt, although this one could be a little played out by now.

To complete the look, or to complement other looks, finish it all off with some deck shoes. Deck shoes are a classy touch, they have a more casual feel than leather shoes but still, ooze luxury. Also, every mariner worth their salt knows the value of a good pair of sunglasses. Tortoiseshell is the timeless classic here, although well-chosen metal frames will still have you looking classy.


Glamour, Glitz and Stacks Of Chips

Moving away from all things nautical, the focus turns to evening casino wear. This is an area that is dominated by the dinner jacket, and with good reason. The DJ, bowtie combo makes any man look a million bucks. However, with everyone gravitating towards the same dress, how do you make yourself stand out?

Well, this is where you need to get a little creative. Black tie is a fairly restrictive code of dress, but there are still subtle ways to bring your own sense of style. Accessories are your friend here, this is the time for your watch to shine. The trick is not to have something that is huge and clunky, you want it to have a black strap and to fit the elegance of the rest of your dress. Similarly, consider picking out some braces to really make your outfit pop (it goes without saying that you should never wear a belt with a tux).

Finally, to really make it your own, a silk scarf is the way to go. This will certainly help you stand out, and brings a flash of colour to your whole ensemble. The really classy choice here is a dark polka dot because it adds a little panache and shows you are not afraid to make a bold choice.

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Dockside and dinner jacket are two contrasting styles, but both demonstrate elegance, class and a healthy bank balance – the three cardinal rules of Monte Carlo. Of course, you do not need to incorporate every single thing that I have talked about here into your own wardrobe, a smattering of the finer things will go a long way in developing your style to be more suave and sophisticated.

Above all, the real class comes from feeling comfortable in your clothes. You need you and your outfit to work in tandem, each the extension of the other. If you can make it look natural, that is when you’ve achieved true sophistication. Protection Status

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