Fashion Mistakes – Four Blunders Not To Repeat

Fashion Mistakes – Four Blunders Not To Repeat

Fashion Mistakes

I broach this topic with enthusiastic and wide-open arms because I know we’ve all had that experience where you’re perusing the internet and you come across an image that literally makes you want to punch someone in the face. Well, people, I bring you an article filled with images that made me laugh, shake my head, throw myself to the floor in resignation and ask “Why world, why?!” I did my research and tagged onto some conversations about such images and here’s what I (and a small, collective group of others) came up with.

Number 1 – The Try-Hard, Tacky Pose

I’m not kidding when I say that I was laughing at this for about five minutes straight. To say that it made mine and a lot of other peoples day, is an understatement. Apparently, the leading favourite picture for a lot of people, myself included, is the one with the blue-grey cardigan. I think it’s the overly preppy outfit and the awkwardly tacky poses that make this so punch-able. The styling isn’t the worst we’ve ever seen but there is something in these images that makes me want to punch him in his face. I can’t believe I’m still laughing.

Fashion Mistakes - Four Blunders Not To Repeat

Number 2 – Your Jeans Are Too Tight

It gets to a point where your jeans are just. Too. Tight. Your jeans don’t need to be so tight that the population can see the blood pumping in your legs. There’s no need. So when I saw this picture, it was a ‘throw myself down on the floor in resignation’ moment. I find this quote appropriate here:

“I’m so cool and indifferent, but don’t these skin tight jeans make my balls look good?”

Russell Brand wearing tight black jeans

Number 3: – Is This Real Life?

I personally didn’t think that this photo was that bad, but I list it because of the sheer number of people that did. I can sort of understand, this picture makes me so confused. I want to punch myself in the face a little because; in theory, this outfit should kind of work – but what is going on? Highwaters and running shoes (without socks, may I add)? Matching shirt and pocket handkerchief (I’m a firm believer, in that a pocket square should complement the outfit but never match)? Crazy, “Is this real life?” facial expression? Why is there a bed in your kitchen?

Fashion Mistakes - Four Blunders Not To Repeat

Number 4 – Pretend Pose-Ho’s

We know you’re not actually playing basketball. Nothing annoys me more (and I happily found that a lot of people agree), than when people pose pretending to do stuff that everyone knows they never do in real life. Yeah, I could get a Green-Screen and take pictures of myself all dressed up on Mount Everest, but I don’t. Because everybody knows that it’s not true. No-one plays basketball in loafers. No-one.

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