Fiat 124 Spider Lusso Driven – Fun & Stylish

Fiat 124 Spider Lusso Driven – Fun & Stylish

It was our final day for London Lifestyle & Fashion Week and what better way to complete the week than to be invited to Chester to review the Fiat 124 Spider Lusso. I come from an Italian background and have never ever driven a Fiat. However, I have many cousins and friends who have assured me that Fiat is a car company with a lot of history. Now I have grown up on a farm and what was great in those years that I love and still do. is to drive cars that need driving.

Keeping it simple, spinning wheels riding the clutch and having a lot of fun to see how the car performs. Having that feeling of being out of control in a controlled way. My brother is a mechanic and currently owns a very rare vintage car in Australia, only twenty of its kind in the world.  I’ve watched him pull cars apart right to the very last bolt over the years and intrigued to see him for many years rebuilding the machine. He would always show me the in and outs of the cars mechanical beauty.  So when it comes to appreciation of metal, steel body works and engines, I can truly say, I understand the love affair the man has with his engines.


It’s a reworked MX-5 Miata

Now the Fiat team do not deny that their inspiration exterior, came from the MX-5 Miata. But I assure that is where it stops. For all the petrol heads out there, under the hood lies the 1.4-liter turbocharged MultiAir four-cylinder. It had 140 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque. With this engine, the 127 Spider can do 0 -62 mph in 7.5 seconds. All this power should go wear it belongs to the rear end of the car. So keeping this in mind I was curious how much lead way this car would give me regarding speed and performance regarding gliding around those corners in North Wales.

Here are the specs for anyone interested.

  • 1.4l MultiAir turbo engine delivers 140 HP and 240 Nm of torque
  • Combined MPG L/100km = 44.1/6.4
  • 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) = 7.5 secs
  • Max speed = 134 mph / 215 kph


Fiat 124 Spider – The Driving Experience

My last two car reviews had been an Audi Q2 and a Bentley and the electronics and technology were so overwhelming for me I did not know where to start. So it was very refreshing to drive a car that literally had electric windows a GPS/Infotainment unit and that was about it. The simple things in life can often be the best fun when it comes to cars. It is why I love vintage cars of the past. Speaking of vintage this Fiat 124 Spider is brought back to life from its 50-year-old first-generation Spider. The 124 Spider Lusso, due to its simplicity is all about old school driving experience. So in front of all the Fiat experts and being the only female driver I wanted to show them that I could drive.

On takeoff, I stalled it about seven times. One expert said, Gracie, it takes a little time to get used too, don’t worry. So I decided to ride the clutch and non intentionally span the wheels on take off. Guys this 124 Spider Lusso, is the easiest car to get those wheels spinning, which I loved and took me back to my farming days. So for the guys over 40, this car has a nostalgia influence, taking you back to the nineties where car technology was in its infant stage. Some cheaper sports cars can be very tricky when it comes to the steering, in this case, the steering is solid and when I was taking those corners, I never felt out of control once.


The 124 Spider Lusso with its price just under £24000, has given us a wonderful car that clearly can handle corners, roundabouts and has some va va voom. At one stage I pulled up next to a Porsche 911, now I knew there was no way I could out race him on take off, but I certainly got his attention. I could see he was wondering what on earth was I driving? We made eye contact and I knew we were gong to be in for some fun. This is what the Fiat 124 Spider, is all about having fun, driving safe and being seen.

Mr Posrche 911 and I took off,  I knew I had to ride the clutch, knowing full well my wheels would screech and spin as we took. Well he took off like a bullet and I at least caught up on the high way. I want to make it it clear I was always driving within the speed limit. You see with a car like this, its design does all the talking anyway.

I enjoyed changing gears from sixth into fourth on the highway, just experiencing the pulling power. Yes this 124 Spider offers that sporty essence whilst driving. It certainly suited my favorite drive around North wales where the car outperformed my expectations handling the mountain corners in pure style.

At one stage Mr SUV Range Rover, too was curious about what am I driving in? Keen to find out who was on his country roads. So I decided to give him a little teaser of what the 124 Spider could handle around those Welsh corners. Once again I knew I could not outperform the SUV Range Rover, but hey his bank loan is a lot more higher for it.

124-spider-lusso-fiat-2 124-spider-lusso-fiat-3 124-spider-lusso-fiat-1

What To Wear In A 124 Spider

I was sponsored in by Jumeriah Carlton Towers in Knightsbridge and happened to run into the expert tailor, Mr Tony G  from Italy, Turin. So it only seemed right to ask what Tony had to say about who is the modern Fiat guy in 2016.

Tobacco Brown Interior

Tobacco Brown is a colour that will be trending very strongly in 2017, but for us Italians, it is and has been a colour that has withstood the test of time. In Italy, this colour has never ever gone out of trend. Now, this colour is commonly seen in the super-luxury Italian cars, Maserati comes to mind. However, this is the beauty of Fiat, they are not afraid to give you extra value for money. Showcasing an affordable luxury car and giving you a taste of pure luxury leather interior.

Pietro Carminati is product manager fro FIAT 124 Spider listen to what he has to say about the colour.

fiat-124spider-shot-by-gracie-opulanza-for-menstylefashion-6 fiat-124spider-shot-by-gracie-opulanza-for-menstylefashion-8

Who Is Its Target Market?

The Fiat 124 Spider Lusso, is the perfect car for those guys who want to be seen out and about on the road. I was getting a lot of attention throughout the outskirts of Cheshire. Cheshire is known for its footballers and WAGS. It made perfect sense that it got noticed because you’re not quite sure from first impressions where the car belongs too regarding the brand. It is a car that can belong to any age group. It is an affordable luxury within the cities of the UK. It just depends on what personal image and style you’re seeking. The colour choices are fantastic, it is solid to drive very simple to park and ticks all the boxes when it comes to affordable luxury.

Let’s face it, just think about the brand Fiat itself and what other iconic cars they have made. Thanks for a really fun trip.


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