As part of the Barcelona Premium experience, we were given an exclusive VIP tour of  Camp Nou, known as Football Club (FC) Barcelona. This private tour takes your through the history of  the stadium. Futbol Club Barcelona, which is commonly known as Barcelona or as the fans like to call it, Barça. Its team players are some of the most influential and powerful players in the world.

One of those players is no one other then, Lionel Andrés “Leo” Messi who is an Argentinian professional football player and 5 times Ballon d’or winner. He also captains the Argentina national team.

The History

Throughout the tour there are so many sections explaining how the FC Barcelona began to present and well into in the future. The stadium has embraced the latest of technologies regarding the digital world. I liked the interactive screens that allowed you understand in more detail the players’ history.

The tour highlights experiences that are limited to those VIP members only. One of them was me standing on the field and trying to take in this powerful sport.

The other, was standing behind the desk, where the players and the coach are interviewed before and after the game.

Press room and the bars are where the press must stand behind. It’s just manic when press are fighting for the same story from players.

This is where the players come out before the match.

The Stadium VIP Hosts Private Events

The current stadium has a lot of history. Barcelona FC is in the process of getting restoration funds, to undergo the changes and upgrades needed to make this the most powerful, and probably the most influential FC Club in the world. There cost are a whopping 500 million Euros, which is needed to be invested in the rebuild of a massive state of the art stadium.

The football market is one of the most competitive clubs in the world, and as such FC Barcelona, cannot afford to lose this ‘once in a lifetime’change. In its current state there are VIP sections exclusively hosting brands. Whilst I was there was an exclusive event entertaining 250 people. It is imperative, that if you would like to host your company staff and members alike, you need to book well in advance to ensure that you have a place. Clients, customers and other members of the public, who are privileged enough to attend this place, find it fascinating and welcoming, as well as entertaining.

This is a plan and a sneak peak of the new stadium and what it will look like.

VIP Seating

This is where you can get the best private view of the game. Group hire boxes for private and VIP members are available.

Roma 2009

This has been recently renovated for all VIP guests. You can book this exclusively for private events. This restaurant is also available to the public even if you are not watching a game and choose to visit the stadium. I was immensely impressed with the food quality.

Roma 2009 Restaurant

Wedding Bookings

For true Barca fans there is the opportunity to get married in the stadium. As with everything in this club it will not come cheap, it only costs you 40,000 Euros for the experience, which will pay for Messi’s salery for 1 day. Also the football players come here frequently to pray.

I noticed in the private locker rooms that one of the the clubs successful player, Neymar, had a bible scripture on his locker door. Before he plays, he reads the scripture to himself which he does to thank God for the gift and the ability he was given as a successful and famous footballer. He is a very young footballer and is predicted to take over from Messi once he retires. Neymar trends the most coolest of outfits outside football and is known for extreme hairstyles.


The view around the stadium is quite picturesque. What was also nice to see was the fact that Barcelona’s roller hockey and basketball are also played in the adjacent buildings. The latter, will be relocated as part of the new developments plans. The Spanish people are historically known as lovers of basketball and in Catalonia they love roller hockey, so it is important that this message is passed forward not only to emphasize the football club, but also its past, current and future sports as those mentioned above.

The Store

Football fans love to show affiliation with a club and as such purchasing memorabilia and football kits are a highlight of this store. The store is located inside the building. When visiting the stadium visiting the store is a must. There is a feel good factor which accompanies the whole shopping experience. At the end of the tour you are strategically led to the memorabilia part of the building. Make sure you allocate ample time as it can take up quite a while going around, given the scale of this building. It is reported that this store is the biggest football store in Europe.


I would like to say a massive thank you to FC Barcelona, for giving us an exclusive regarding the tour. The experience was nothing like I have ever experienced before. The staff were amazingly welcoming, ready to answer all questions and immediately willing to please. There were many highlights to this tour and many experiences that were exclusive to MenStyleFashion only.

My two favourite  ‘world cup moments‘ were placing my hands on each players’ locker doors and being able to stand on one of the most famous football fields in the world. To the hardcore Barca fan, if you want to experience an iconic moment, this is the place to go.

Again, make sure that you book, well in advance to avoid disappointment. If I was to give it a Michelin star, it is 3 * all the way experience.

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