Frankfurt Airport Germany – VIP Services Travel Tips

Frankfurt Airport Germany – VIP Services Travel Tips

I was invited by Audi to experience, the production process of the high-performance sports car Audi R8 from body construction to assembly and the first start of the engine. As I landed this is how I was greeted at Frankfurt Airport in Germany. It’s called the VIP Services where luxury travel is made very personal.

Audi R8 at Audi sport factory

Audi Sport Factory

Frankfurt Airport Germany - VIP Services Travel Tips

Smooth Start To Your Vacation or Business Travel

With the VIP Service available there is no need to tress about checking in well advanced. Though as you can see what it has to offer, it’s well worth being there 2 hours before your flight. Check well in advance to make sure your travel documents (passports or ID cards, depending on your citizenship and where you are headed) are still valid and inquire whether any additional documents are needed.

Due to Brexit, I would make sure your passport expiry date is is well within six months and no less. Travelling to places like South Asia, they require this as well.

You should also check your airline’s luggage policy, including its rules on carry-on bags. Devices with lithium batteries like e-cigarettes and power banks belong in your carry-on-luggage. If you don’t do this your luggage will be taken off and you will be called back to take it out. This may cause a situation in where you miss your flight.

Frankfurt Airport Germany - VIP Services Travel Tips

Get To The Airport Early

We advise travellers to arrive at the airport at least 2.5 hours before their scheduled flight time and if possible to use public transportation. If you will be driving your own car to the airport and want to leave it there during your absence, it’s a good idea to book parking in advance. You can print out or use your smartphone to view routes so as not to waste valuable time hunting for space at last minute. Or use the VIP services instead.

Audi RS6

Check-In Online

You can save time at the airport by checking in online or the evening before if offered by your airline. There are also machines where you can usually check-in faster than at the counter, and the same applies to baggage drop off counters for passengers who already have their boarding passes but still need to check-in luggage. As soon as you’ve completed check-in, head straight for the security and passport checks. Or head to VIP services and they will sort everything out, and check-in and security happen there. No lines, no wait.

Audi Q8

Audi Q8

Get Ready For Security Check

To make sure that you quickly clear the security check use the time you spend waiting in line to prepare for it: take laptops, smartphones and other electronic devices out, and make sure that liquids and gels are in small containers (max,100mm) placed inside a transparent, reclosable bag with a capacity of no more than one litre. Baby food and liquid medicines are of course also allowed but must be separately shown to the security agent. My top tip, bring nothing buy it when you land at your destination regarding shampoo etc.

VIP Services

After the security check, Frankfurt Airport VIP services offer so much regarding wellbeing. Drinks, food, spa rooms and suites to rest. The airport itself offers a host of free services to help passengers relax and pass the time until boarding. Whether you’d like to watch a suspenseful film in a Movie World, compose yourself with a few asanas in a yoga room before embarking on a long flight. let your kids play in the play area or catch a breath of fresh air on the roof terrace in Terminal 1, there’s something for every taste. We advise you to check whether your boarding gate has changed. With VIP service they do this for you before they drive you to your gate.

Frankfurt Airport Germany - VIP Services Travel Tips

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