Team building activities are super fun and help strengthen relationships with your employees. Such activities can compile all the differences, whether employee engagement, job satisfaction, or organizational success. As an employer, you need to run your employees as one team. 

Even with positive intentions, following the same instructions takes work together. That’s why you need team-building support that helps to make all your employees agree to follow one direction. 

You can take help by involving your employees in some exciting and engaging team-building activities. In that way, the team feels more connected, collaborates more effectively, and is ready to meet the organization’s needs. 

Here are the top “Team Building Activities” for every business to engage employees and increase productivity!

7 Effective Team Building Activities

The following team-building activities are designed to strengthen collaboration, personal growth, and interpersonal relationships. Such activities encourage creative thinking and help to develop problem-solving skills.

1. Human Knot – Make A Circle

Best For: Communication & problem-solving skills.

How to play: Everyone stands facing inwards in a circle to start the game. Each player should join hands with the person opposite them with their right hand (remember, do not join hands with the person standing next to you). Again, join hands with a new partner with your left hand.

This game is about unraveling the knot without letting go of each player’s hands; players must stay in a circle with their hands joined. To make the game more exciting, players must communicate well while twisting, turning, and passing through each other’s hands.

2. Host A Mystery Dinner Party – Solve A Mystery

Best For: Collaboration & strengthen the team’s trust.

How to play: Host a fabulous Christmas murder mystery theme party for the employees (perfect for the holiday season). After a lovely dinner, allow them to prepare for the murder mystery game. The game starts with clues, directions, and ways to find the murderer. There will be one killer and one victim, and others will play the characters to figure out who the killer is with the help of clues. 

This game is not just for fun but also to strengthen communication and build trust. People can direct each other and suggest solving the mystery quickly. 

3. Perfect Square – Listen Carefully

Best For: Problem-solving & listening skills.

How to play: Play Perfect Square by blindfolding each player and making them form a circle facing inwards while holding the rope. Take a few steps back after the players form a circle and lay the rope on the ground. Now it’s time to play. To win, players must get the rope to form a perfect square on the ground. They should choose a leader to guide their peers using only their voices.

The game is fun and time taking, helps build listening capabilities, and allows people to follow the verbal leads and trust each other. By playing Perfect Square, your employees can become a strong team.

4. Egg Drop – The Egg Survival

Best For: Teamwork & creative thinking. 

How to play: First, you need to arrange a raw egg, a part of the cardboard, 1-meter-long duct tape, and 40 plastic (bendy) straws.

Now arrange your players into equal teams and give them the above items. Put a time limit on it, like 15 minutes. The teams must work together to protect their raw eggs from the high drop during this time.

As soon as the timer runs out, grab the eggs and take them to the high drop. Then drop them one by one. Whoever keeps their egg after hitting the floor wins. If multiple teams successfully protect their eggs, the team with the fewest straws wins.

5. Pair Up – Guess The Word

Best For: Team building, communication, & creative thinking. 

How to play: Write down a few famous pairs on separate sticky notes. You could pair anything from day and night to salt and pepper or king and queen. When your famous pairs are written down on the sticky notes, stick the note on each player’s back. Now, set a time limit (it could be 5 mins to 20 mins, depending), and then ask them to identify the person/thing written on their back by asking questions to each other.

After the player figures out what is written on the note, they have to find their ‘matching’ pair; if you write ‘salt,’ then its matching is ‘pepper.’ So, whoever got the first pair match within the timeframe is the winner.

6. Water Balloon Dodgeball – Balloon Fight

Best For: Relieving stress, communication, and teamwork. 

How to play: Place buckets filled with water balloons at each end of a rectangular field marked with cones and divide them in half. Each team will select a side of the field and aim to hit the other team with the water balloons. The team that hits the most balloons wins.

Give each game a time limit, like 5 or 8 minutes. As soon as the game starts, teams must hit their opponents with water balloons to eliminate them. After being hit, a player must leave the field. Any player who crosses the centre line or leaves the field is eliminated from the game.

7. Lightning Scavenger Hunts – Find The Secret

Best For: Team support, trust, & communication 

How to play: Lighting Scavenger Hunt involves finding items in a place quickly as soon as the leader announces it. Some examples can range from something small, like a paperclip, to something larger, like a couch cushion. The winner is the first person to find the item and bring it to the leader. This game is a fun way to get everyone up and moving. 

It also helps to involve and engage each player with each other. This team-building activity isn’t just about playing ahead; it also improves mood, relieves work stress, and enhances overall productivity.


Choose any of these fun and effective team-building activities to build strong teams, which would also be helpful for the success of your organization. Your employees deserve to enjoy a fun time together, far away from the workplace. So, next time arrange a theme party for them and introduce one of these activities to play together and to grow together.