Game-Inspired Clothing Brands – That Gamers Should Check Out

Game-Inspired Clothing Brands – That Gamers Should Check Out

Games take our head out of real-life stressful situations, and it relaxes our anxious little minds by giving us a break from pressing responsibilities–they’re fun and pure enjoyment. It’s even probably what we need to ease up a little and unwind. We love the entertainment, the gameplay, and the overall gaming experience. Admit it or not, but sometimes we’re even moved by the storylines and character developments. Some of us even develop a fondness for particular characters that others are happy to do cosplay on their favourite anime or game personas while some especially zealous fans and hardcore gamers, they’d feel proud wearing their best-loved game titles proudly on their shirts as if like a badge of honor.

Fashion and video games could be a somewhat unlikely pairing but now that the gaming community has transitioned from a subculture into mainstream media, we see more businesses tapping in on its potential and it’s likely to be the case for the coming years, especially if you have a growing market of gamers and enthusiasts. In fact, in 2019, GamingScan estimated that there are approximately 15 million daily active Twitch users with an average time spent of 95 minutes a day.

The problem was though is that several years back, donning a full-on costume of your favourite in-game characters were not considered fashionable to the public eye, especially not on a regular day unless perhaps you’re wearing it in the anime capital of the world–Japan. Today though, we see it changing with some big-name fashion houses who have turned to tap on the potential of the gaming culture by joining, partnering and creating collaborations with game producers and developers and producing merchandise for popular video game titles. And so far we’ve seen Uniqlo do that with their UT graphic tees that have featured Pac Man, Pokemon, Super Mario, and Street Fighter among others.

Now if you’re an avid fan for anything game-inspired, here are some of the clothing brands that deliver high-quality garments and sleek style while paying homage to your well-loved video game titles.

These clothing brands can also be an interesting choice for online casino fans. All those players who enjoy slots, poker, roulette, and other similar casino games will be thrilled with the style that these brands promote. Moreover, if you are someone who is interested in low wagering casino offers and using them on live dealer games, then these clothing pieces are exactly what you need to have a land-based casino experience at home.

Insert Coin Clothing

Insert Coin is probably one of the most popular brands to sell pop references and game-inspired clothing. They’re famous for bringing in fashion-forward pieces that celebrate our most well-loved favorite games and cult classics such as Jet Set Radio, Kojima, Persona 5, Life is Strange, Monster Hunter, God of War, and many others.

Their collection spans from basic graphic tees to sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuit jackets, bomber jackets, caps, and enamel pins. What’s even better is that you can sort and filter their merchandise by choosing to shop by game so you can easily check out if they’re carrying the title you’re looking for. And recently, they’re also sporting these cool Japanese sukajans so make sure to check those out too!



Jinx offers a variety of options to choose from–from accessories to t-shirts to outerwear and other game-inspired items, they surely have something in store for you! Jinx provides premium designs and superior quality products that capture the fun, rich, and vibrant spirit of your best-loved video games. Choose from their wide selection of goods and pick from themes like Overwatch, PUBG, The Witcher 3, Ghost Recon, or from their buy something from their full-scale Minecraft store!


For World of Warcraft fans out there, INTO THE AM is the officially licensed retailer of World of Warcraft apparel so you can enjoy full print graphic design tees and pullover hoodies of your chosen hero.


What sets Musterbrand apart from all the other clothing brands we’ve mentioned here is that they’re successful in recreating garments that resonate deeply with the actual in-game items, that treating yourself to one almost feels like playing the role in real life.

So, for your next cosplay convention, you might want to consider dressing up as Zelda from Musterbrand’s Zelda collection or get Street Fighter Chun Li’s bikini for a cosplay-themed beach party!


If you’re looking for cool shirts with exceptional print quality and design, Threadheads is the brand for you. Its graphic tees are designed by its in-house artists, so you can find a plethora of original art and creative interpretations of games and popular culture. You’ll feel extra comfortable in one of the brand’s shirts since each one is made from combed cotton, which is leagues softer than ordinary cotton is. What’s more, the combed cotton Threadheads uses in its tees is ethically sourced, and the ink pigments used for printing are water-based pigment inks that are OEKO-TEX certified and CPSIA compliant. How’s that for guilt-free gaming apparel?


If you weren’t able to find your favourite childhood games from the first four clothing brands we’ve mentioned, then you’ll probably see them here on Numskull where they house the best classic games of our childhood! From Mortal Kombat to Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Street Fighter, and Pac Man to the more recent ones like Fallout, Call of Duty, Borderlands, and Skyrim, they offer a wide assortment of game-inspired merchandise from ornaments like collectables, key rings, key chains, and mugs to wearable pieces like t-shirts, ugly sweaters, jackets, and more. Surely, you’ll find it an absolute fun to look through their expansive list of offers that will definitely bring back loads of childhood memories!

Glitch Gaming Apparel

Glitch Gaming Apparel promises to give gamers the stylish, comfy, and high-quality t-shirts, accessories, and merchandise that captures the best parts of your favourite games. What we like about Glitch is that it offers brilliant craftsmanship in the simple yet artistic design and style of its game-inspired items. Honestly, we love their embroidered caps!

We hope we’re able to help you to some good finds with these game-inspired clothing brands that offer subtle yet unique pieces for your eclectic taste! Protection Status

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