Getting and staying in shape can be hard, not to mention doing it in a pandemic. There are so many reasons you might not be comfortable going back to the gym, such as Covid worries, a gym close enough, or saving that membership money. Whatever your reason is, you just can’t bring yourself to sign up. That’s okay! This guide is here to help you get back in the workout saddle, without having to go somewhere where nobody puts the weights back properly.

At home or outside

A fantastic, and cheap, way to get in really good shape is to do calisthenic bodyweight workouts. These are the types of workouts with a lot of reps and resistance workouts that only use your body weight as the name implies. Many people jump to heavyweights when they think about working out, but that is not the only way. Callisthenics are a really great way to keep a balance between weight training and cardio workouts. If you have a hard time going for a run, these types of workouts will get your muscles pumped while also working your heart. Here are a few examples:

  • Plank: Where you lie flat and support yourself by your toes and forearms. It is a great ab workout!


  • Pull up: Find a bar or a tree branch and try to only use your arm muscles to pull yourself up.

Pull up

  • Squat: Lower yourself like you are sitting in a chair while keeping your knees behind your toes.


If you would like more examples check out this great list of workouts you can try at home on the SELF website.

Home sweet home

If there are no open spaces near your home, doing it in your living room is always an option as well! It might be a clever idea to clear some space and invest in a mat to protect your knees, such as a yoga mat or a cut-up carpet square. It is also especially important to keep your neighbours in mind while working out in your home. If you live in an apartment building it might be prudent to not spend 30 minutes doing hopping exercises. Or at least check in with your downstairs neighbour to see when they are out of the house since jumping up and down is a big part of homebody workouts. If you would like to check out more tips on how to be a good neighbour while staying fit, we have a great article on the topic.

Don’t break the bank

As you first start with body workouts; you really do not have to invest in much equipment, which is one of the great benefits of this style of workout. However, with anything, once you get further in it will become obvious what pieces you are going to need to buy. The first set you might think about getting is a small dumbbell set. Starting off with a small set is a fantastic idea to get you started! Another aspect if you are no longer going to the gym is the number of showers you are going to take in your home! If you want to keep your water bill low, think about investing in a low flow showerhead to protect the environment and your wallet. GROHE has a wide range of thermostats to choose from on their website.