There are lots of great European road trips for people to try today. Some people want to have European vacations where they spend a lot of time at the beach. Other people are interested in European vacations that will allow them to see as many sites as possible. However, there are many tourists who just want to be able to hit the open road, and there are great destinations in Europe that will allow them to do so. Many people would consider a lot of long European roads to be sites in their own right

Germany – Romantische Strasse

People who want to feel as if they have entered into a fairy tale should take a Romantische Strasse, Germany road trip. There are walled towns, castles, gorgeous natural sites, and palaces to see along the drive. For the people who are used to living in areas that are fairly new and modern, seeing Romantische Strasse, Germany is going to feel even more like a dream from another world. There are wine villages along the way and towns that seem as if they have changed very little since the Middle Ages in Germany. People can get a window into the past when they drive through Romantische Strasse, Germany, and they will feel more connected to the future as a result.

Germany - Romantische Strasse

Ireland – Ring Of Kerry

Anyone who knows about Irish travel is probably familiar with Ring of Kerry, Ireland. This is a wonderful place for a road trip. The Glenbeigh beach will be waiting for anyone who wants to try this area. There are modern touches here, such as fine restaurants that people will want to visit during the trip, as well as historic areas like Cahersiveen. Ireland is famous for its abundant and rich natural beauty. When people visit Ring of Kerry, Ireland, they will be able to see some of the most beautiful parts of Ireland for themselves.

Ireland - Ring Of Kerry

France – Verdon Circuit

For the people interested in France, the Verdon Gorge circuit is one of the most gorgeous places to take a long road trip. Provence is hugely underrated, and it is one of the most beautiful parts of France. There is a lot of history in this area, and people will see it all firsthand as they travel through the Verdon Gorge circuit. There are charming market towns to visit along the way. The drive is also very pleasant, so people are not going to have to worry about having to face any major obstacles along the way.

France - Verdon Circuit

Norway – Trollstigen

Northern Europe does not always get as much attention from travellers as Western Europe, but this will change as more people hear about Trollstigen, Norway. The mountain views and waterfalls demonstrate all that is special about the natural beauty of Norway. This is also a fantastic road trip destination for the people who are interested in a quiet trip. Some people want to be able to travel through Europe in order to see a lot of different European communities. Other people will want to be able to enjoy all of the scenery for themselves.

Norway - Trollstigen