Summer temperatures in South Florida area mandate the need for air conditioning, meaning it’s crucial to invest in preventative maintenance and perform household upkeep so there is no malfunction or worse breakdown during the hottest months.

Since the AC is used throughout much of the year in Coral Springs, it’s wise to have a service professional like you’ll find at maintaining the system so that it will run all season long at peak performance. Experts can recognize defects early and repair these before they turn into severe problems with long-term preventative maintenance.

When the slightest inconsistency goes unnoticed, the issue can quickly expand, resulting in a need for costly repairs and excessive utility bills after some time. If you see your energy cost slowly rising without a change in usage, it’s essential to call your service provider for an inspection of the unit.

The ideal way for a Coral Springs resident to ensure optimum benefit from their air conditioning system is to take preventative measures using a service provider who can find defects early and make necessary repairs.

It’s also important to engage in upkeep as the homeowner, involving cleaning, changing filters, regular household maintenance in between servicing. Since the units have such heavy use in Southern Florida, care needs to be more extensive than in a typical four-season climate. Look here for guidance on possible DIY air conditioning repair when your system doesn’t cool.

The systems here tend to run year-round, with technicians offering regular servicing to keep the AC running at peak functionality. The ideal way to upkeep air conditioning in this region:

Engage in Routine Tune-Ups

A trusted, reliable Air conditioning technician will provide routine check-ups to ensure no significant issues with the unit. There shouldn’t be prolonged periods between the tune-ups since these mean to catch defects sooner rather than later to prevent excessive damages and expensive repair bills.

A thorough check will typically consist of inspecting for:

  • Filtration
  • Levels with refrigerant
  • Condenser coils
  • The electric elements
  • Thermostat temps
  • Leaks
  • Condition as a whole

A Filter Cleaning or Changing Out

When a filter becomes dirty, the risk for clogging is superior, restricting airflow and creating less efficiency for the entire system. Any air getting beyond the filter ultimately carries dirt particles with it, exposing the unit to damage of its varied parts. The result is a shortened lifespan for the system.

Clean filters change the outcome, significantly prolonging the lifespan helping the unit run at optimum efficiency, decreasing energy usage by as much as 10%, and enhancing the air quality in the household.

The suggestion is these should change out frequently if the AC is used often, like in the Florida climate, as much as every month, with consistent checks to ensure cleanliness. In the winter months, changes can decrease if usage goes down. However, you will need to do even more often than either situation if you have pets or if your unit is sitting within a dusty surround.

Coil Cleaning Is Essential

The condenser houses the evaporator coil, which eventually collects dust and debris over time, restricting airflow and “insulating” the part keeping it from performing its purpose of heat absorption.

The coil should be inspected at least once per year with regular cleanings to avoid these issues. Since AC units sit outside, these parts collect dirt rapidly, particularly if you have any type of foliage close to the system.

By cleaning the area near the condenser unit, you can minimize the debris that collects around the coil. That would mean keeping foliage trimmed and paying attention to mow the grass away from the unit.

Changing the Batteries in Your Thermostat

The first thing to do when troubleshooting air conditioning issues is to check the thermostat’s batteries. The batteries in the thermostat need changing out each year. Many people forget this aspect of AC upkeep and can’t figure out why everything is well maintained, but the system is not operating correctly, only to find this being the issue.

It’s a good idea when you do change these that you make note on a calendar or your mobile, so it automatically pops up on next year’s schedule to take care of it as part of your yearly maintenance routine.

Final Thought

Whichever part of Southern Florida, Coral Springs, or another equally hot part of the state, the air conditioning is probably something that you don’t turn off much throughout the year but especially during the sweltering summer months.

During that season, you need optimum functionality since a breakdown could result in an unsafe condition for you and your family due to the extremeness of temperatures. Find details on ways to keep your AC running smoothly at

Employing preventative measures through an experienced, knowledgeable service provider is not only ideal since they’ll be available to you for routine calls and in emergencies, but these services are mandatory to keep your unit operational on an optimum level.

Professionals can detect the slightest defect or inconsistency, making the necessary repairs instantly, so there’s no fear of a potential malfunction or breakdown at the worst possible moment. Engaging in typical household maintenance along with this professional care will ensure a system that can withstand the scorching heat of a Florida summer.