I am a Christian and I pray to God for inspirational stories and did my prayer get answered. This has to be one of my top interviews to date. How would you dress if you were left on the streets of London? How would your self esteem become if you lost everything? How would you get back on your feet and off the streets? If you were homeless, would you still dress up?


Hello Gracie … Hope all is fine & fun with you. I’m Simon. I work with Colin Rosie. I want to say on behalf of myself, Colin & Mal that your piece on Colin is by far the best we have seen !! Thank you !! .. Your joy filled passion comes across instantly 🙂

Colin Rosie

This is Colin Rosie and his story about. How that trusted top hat ended up changing his life.

“I was homeless and sleeping rough on the streets of London. I couldn’t afford a sleeping bag so I had put cardboard down in a doorway and curled up in an overcoat. But I’d hide my few remaining valuables inside my top hat so that I could sleep a little easier. That trusted top hat ended up changing my life”.

colin-rosie-menstylefashion-interview-gracie-opulanza-9 colin-rosie-menstylefashion-interview-gracie-opulanza-16

The Camera

It is important that you recognize your God given destiny. And it seems mine is to literally spot up and coming talent. To inspire people to get back on their feet and think outside the box. I love hats and I wanted some shots of me in these amazing vintage hats. I did not know that Colin had not picked up a camera in three years. It is understandably why, for the simple reason it was the camera that put him on the streets in the first place. It was one of my big moment in building MenStyleFashion, to see Colin pick up that camera and take shots of me. He was shaking holding that camera, I could see it.

My philosophy is simple, the very thing that you are afraid of. Confront it head on. Pick it up if you have to and NEVER GIVE UP!

gracie-opulanza-vintage-hats-for-menstylefashion-shots-by-colin-rosie-2 gracie-opulanza-vintage-hats-for-menstylefashion-shots-by-colin-rosie-3

These shots were taken by me and a very big thank you to Jumeirah Carlton Towers for the exclusive access to their private gardens in Knightsbridge.

Cadogan Gardens private access only Jumeirah Carlton Towers

Cadogan Gardens private access only Jumeirah Carlton Towers