Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice – Reviewed

Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice – Reviewed

Hotel Palazzettto Madonna is situated on a canal in the San Polo district of Venice. It is a ten-minute walk from the Grand Canal overlooking the Rialto bridge. Scuola Grande di San Rocco, famous for its paintings by Tintoretto is literally around the corner and it’s a must-see with the building dating back 500 years ago. When the San Rocco church bells ring, it is a wonderful sound to take in and very much part of the San Polo atmosphere. There are plenty of coffee shops, bars and restaurants to wine and dine whilst staying here. This is a more relaxed area of Venice.

Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed (2) San Polo

View over the canal from Hotel Palazzetto Madonna

Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed (2) San Polo

There is a lovely canal with romantic outdoor dining areas literally a stone throw away from the hotel.

Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice – Reception

The reception area of the hotel has electric doors when entering and an eclectic entrance full of marble displays and an alfresco vibe.

Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed reception

The Outdoor Garden

Beauty grew all around Italian gardens, it was a meeting space. It is a rare find to have a hotel with a garden here in Venice. This small but open space courtyard garden with a small well in the middle makes for a lovely setting to sip Prosecco after a long walk through the city of Venice. Here you can have a well deserved quiet rest away from the masses.

Weather permitting breakfast is also served in the garden area. At the moment due to Covid-19 rules, all the orders are taken at your table so self-service is not happening at the moment. There is an excellent variety of food served and it’s freshly made in the hotel.

Breakfast room

The food is fresh, the orange juice is freshly squeezed and there is no limit to what you can ask from the menu.


Dining Room

Being in Venice you have to have Murano glass chandeliers and lights and Hotel Palazzetto Madonna has an abundance of this. The setting and interior design were done in 2013 and due to the high-quality products used throughout the hotel, the interior of the hotel still looks fresh and clean and it displays a beautiful atmosphere. I sat here and worked and it was wonderful to appreciate the Made In Italy and Venice furniture and Murano glass lighting.

I loved that the chairs in the main communal room have Murano glass designed into them. It’s such a beautiful example of Italian craftsmanship.

Deluxe With A Canal View

This majestic room offers a modern experience with an elegant touch, it conveys a feeling of refined luxury. This hotel interprets the Italian values of comfort, timeless design, Italian spirit and craftmanship available here in Venice.

Mirror TV

Deluxe room Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed

The bedhead is also made out of fabric like the interior walls.

The mirror TV is an excellent way to experience technology that is not commonly found in hotels or at my home. And with the TV off you do not notice it is there.

The elegant, modern interior design stays true to what modern Venice is all about. They have captured the embellished fabrics to create a spacious room, ideal for a romantic weekend in Venice. The hardwood floors combined with high ceilings and lot’s of natural light overlooking the canal is wonderful.

Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed Deluxe Room

The Italian cotton and satin sheets,  with three-ruffled pillowcases, felt and looked beautiful. The kingsize bed was large and comfortable. The room was spacious enough to have a working desk and a large chaise lounge. The room is large enough to relax privately and take in the canal sounds after walking through Venice.

Fabric wardrobes

I just adore the sophisticated upholstery of the wardrobes, with Murano glass handles.

delux Room Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed

Sleeping with the windows open throughout the night and looking out onto the canal was very special and nostalgic.

Art In The Room

The replica fabric art combined with Murano glass is a beautiful way to experience and be reminded that Venice is a sophisticated place with high-quality products made in the very heart of this city. To be able to sleep and look at these special crafts was wonderful. The electric curtains allowed me to make the room very dark. There is also double glazing to keep any noise out and the aircon is very quiet so everything is in place for a good night sleep on hot nights.Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed Murano Glass


The bathroom was done to a very high standard using cream and gold tiles. I loved the shower with chromo-therapy lighting. This rain shower and the lighting change was so much fun. I liked how there was a natural light window in the bathroom. There were plenty of shower gels and shampoos to complete this urban wellness experience. The custom bath linens and slippers were a nice added touch.

Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed italy 2021 (7)

Shower gold tiles

Canal View

It is brilliant to be able to watch Venician life that happens here on the canal. Every product here has to be transported by boat. This is why when in Venice always asks for a canal view room. You won’t be disappointed.

Deluxe Room Hotel Palazzetto Madonna Venice - Reviewed


The Palazzetto Madonna Hotel is a beautifully decorated hotel combining modern style with classical accommodation. Pershing features have been condensed in a breathtaking form that is flawless with natural light in a compact environment. The common denominator in small boutique hotels like this is the transparent spaces and the intimacy of interiors weighted to every single object of use. This hotel is an inspiration for helping designs in the future for other hotels and home living. Especially when it comes to urban constraints such as Venice.  Staying here is an experience of luxury that can only be found here in Italy, using the top fabrics, Murano glass, wooden flooring and design. That is why it is one of my favourite stays here in Italy.

The easy access to the popular touristic sites is why I would also recommend staying here. Venice is all about leisure and walking. You can easily return to the hotel for an afternoon sleep or a relaxing drink in the private gardens.


  • Room reviewed: Deluxe With A Canal View
  • Website:
  • Address: San Polo 2902, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy
  • Phone: +39 041 307 1174

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