Are you a casual gambler who loves spinning the occasional slots online or in a land casino? Gambling is fun and good entertainment, only that sometimes it pinches to lose good money in a bet. But you could play for free or almost free most of the time if you know how to take advantage of the casinos. There are many free online slots that casinos are offering, hoping to lure in new customers. There are also plenty of bonuses if you decide to play for real money. 

Types of Casino Bonuses 

Both new and old gamblers have different bonuses they can use in different plays:

Sign Up Bonus

This bonus is also called a welcome bonus in many casinos. You get it when signing up as a new member in a casino. It has become almost mandatory for casinos to offer a welcome bonus. Online casinos especially are very generous with this bonus. They will match your first deposit by up to 500% of your first deposit.

No Deposit Bonus 

Newbies love this bonus. You practically play for free and stand a chance to win real money. No deposit bonuses are usually as free spins you can use to play select slot games. The downside to this bonus is high wagering requirements. These are conditions that demand you stake a specific amount before accessing your bonus wins.

Deposit/Reloading Bonus 

You get this bonus as an active member of a casino. The casino wants you to continue topping up your account and will match your deposit with a bonus. This bonus is more flexible in that you can use it to play games of your choice.

Cash Back Bonus 

You get this bonus to shield you from losing your entire stake. This bonus is more common in sports betting while wagering accumulator or acca bets. The casino will refund you part of the stake depending on the level of risk you had taken on. 

Referral Bonus 

If you have friends who love to gamble, introduce them to your casino and get rewards. The casino could pay you a flat commission per referral, or share with you the deposit your referrals make. But the referrals have to play to a certain level before you can access this deposit. 

How to Use Bonuses to Win 

Bonuses come with fine print which details the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions. Wagering requirements will stand in your way to accessing full bonus benefits. For example, a £20 bonus with 10x wagering requirement will require you stake £200  before you can access the bonus. 

If a bonus’ T&Cs does not restrict the games you can play, go for a game in which the house has a low edge. The house edge is the casino’s advantage in a game, and it differs from game to game. The house edge can be anything from lows of 0.05% in blackjack to a high 25% in Big Six roulette.  

Slot games are the targets of many bonuses. The house edge ranges from 2% to 15% meaning you stand a chance of winning as much as £98 for every £100 you play. This math that will not apply to every game you play, but is a guide to your chances of winning in different games. 

Multiple Bonuses

There are thousands of online casinos, and more are launching every month. You are spoilt for free games and bonuses. You could play for free forever if you wanted. But if you decide to play for real money, there is a wide field to hunt for bonuses.  

Bonuses lower your risk of losing money by allowing you to play for less. You have many choices to use for practice and get better in getting the most wins out of them.