Have you recently booked a summer beach vacation and are in countdown mode until it arrives? Nothing is more relaxing than lazing on the beach, listening to the waves lapping along the shoreline, feeling the breeze in your hair and catching some rays. But just because you’re on holiday and relaxing, doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable at the same time. Here are some of the best ways men can look fashionable on a beach vacation.

Know the Dress Code

The first tip is to familiarise yourself with the dress code at the resort you’ll be staying at. Some resorts are much more casual than others, and you want to be sure you’ve got the necessary items. Resort restaurants and buffets tend to be quite casual for breakfast and lunch, but many have dress codes in effect for dinner – especially at the a la carte restaurants that are so popular.

To save space in your luggage but still look fashionable, take a mix-and-match approach to your outfits. Experts tend to suggest choosing a colour palette so that you can mix various shirts with trousers and shorts, giving you many potential outfit combinations with the least number of pieces possible.

Shop for Trending Swim Shorts

This is also a great time to update your selection of swim shorts, choosing styles that are trending for 2023. Right now, it’s all about tailored swim shorts for men that create a streamlined silhouette. Ditch the baggy swim trunks that hit at the knee, or below, and choose this more structured option. You can elevate the look of swim trunks further by also choosing a bold print that shows off your style.

Tailored beach shorts

Opt for High-Performance Fabrics

Because a beach vacation means you’ll be spending countless hours in the sun daily, you do run the risk of getting sunburned. It’s essential to apply and reapply a high SPF level of sunscreen throughout the day, but clothing can also help you from getting burned. Today you’ll find a variety of high-performance fabrics that look stylish and yet feature built-in UPF – which is sun protection.

Look for shirts, swim trunks and hats with UPF. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can skip applying sunscreen; it just offers an extra layer of protection.

Take a Hat to Pull the Beach Vibe Together

When it comes to accessories for a beach vacation, a hat pulls the look together. You may want to pack a couple of different options since they can work for different situations. Something simple like a bucket hat is both trendy and perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes, or you can choose the fedora style for a more sophisticated beach vibe. Just be sure to look for hats that pack well and will retain their shape.

Using these tips you’ll look so stylish on your beach vacation that it will look like you’re walking the fashion runway, not the pool deck.