The casino night in has become one of the best nights out in ages. Over the recent pandemic, as the internet became the main means of communication and socialization, the shared games night has become one of the most highly touted ways to have a good time. It is also just as important to dress up, whether you only meet virtually or whether the games and players come to your home and then play online. Here’s why the dress code will make or break your casino night.

It sets the tone, and you and the guests will feel the part

Being dressed up as smart as possible in the black tie will set the tone for your casino night in. The live casino tables and card games may have you wanting a black-tie dress code. Alternatively, if the casino has a specific theme, such as some of the online casinos in Australia then you would be best suited to even dressing up to play these games. The Egyptian-themed slots are those that come to mind, or if you intend to play those based on Greek mythology, then perhaps even fancy dress may work for you and your guests.

Maintains a standard and adds glamour

Although there are those bricks and mortar casinos that allow beachwear and just about anything to be worn in the casino. It will be incumbent on you to ensure that there is a sense of glamour and a minimum standard expected from your guests. The quintessential casino town of Las Vegas has traditionally been known for such glamour and harks back to the times when Sinatra and the mob were part of the casino scene.

Understand smart casual

The best and most accepted fashion and dress code for a stay in casino night is smart casual. If it’s just you and your partner, then perhaps you can go full glam or black tie, tuxedo and all, but if not, then keep it simple and smart casual. It will allow you to dress up and expect the same from your guests. But no one will feel that they have to break the bank to get the latest dinner jacket or gown. The trick to remember with smart casual is that you are not going to the office, yet want to look sharp and sophisticated, nevertheless. It should be a blend between street and office wear.

The idea of dressing up to stay in may seem like a bit of an anomaly, but it is really a trend that has taken our modern internet-connected society by storm. It has become a major component of the casino night in, and long may it continue, as it adds to the enjoyment of such evenings. The last piece of advice is to ensure that you communicate the dress code well in advance so that everyone invited is able to arrange their attire in good time and will feel included in the planning as well as the fun on the night.