How To Add Healing Crystals To Your Life As A Man

How To Add Healing Crystals To Your Life As A Man

Crystals are used around the world for their healing properties. From helping you reduce anxiety to providing mental clarity, crystals can help align your energies for physical and emotional well-being. Being a part of mother earth, crystals carry within them the natural energies of the earth, sun, and the moon. They are said to balance the yin and yang.

However, since men and women are wired differently, there are some stones that work well for masculine energy while other stones have more feminine qualities. Crystals for men usually have dominant masculine energy as compared to crystals like rose quartz or moonstone that are predominantly feminine. As more men are getting interested in wellness and healing through crystals, we look at some ways in which men can add crystals to their lives.

Adding Crystals To Your Life As A Man

  1. Carrying crystals to work: To use a crystal optimally, ensure that it’s in contact with your body. This way, the body can tap into the healing energies of the stone easily. You can carry them in your pocket to work or place them on your desk. To increase confidence at the workplace, carry a green tourmaline. Green tourmaline helps men tap into their inner strengths and open their hearts. This further helps them find their passion and purpose. Carrying a green tourmaline to the office can help you find passion in your work. For those of you spending long hours in front of your computer screen, you can use shungite to purify and neutralize your energy.
  1. Using Crystals To Attract Love: A stone like malachite works well for logical and action-oriented men. Malachite helps them transform their behavior patterns and open up to love. Malachite can give them the strength to break old habits and learn to receive love. This stone makes you work for what you want instead of just setting an intention and waiting. This makes malachite ideal for action-oriented men. 
  1. Meditating with Crystals: Crystals can be used for meditation. You can use crystals for grounding or feeling your connection with mother earth. For those who fear the unfamiliar and are resistant to change, meditating with the tiger’s eye stone can help. It helps remove limiting blocks and rigid patterns, thereby helping you think out of the box. Tiger’s eye also helps you to understand your fears and overcome them. For grounding and centeredness, you can use stones like jasper and hematite that help you establish your connection with the universe. This is especially needed when you may be under pressure and feel trapped in situations.
  1. Using Crystals For Yoga: Busy men may find it difficult to get their to-do lists out of their minds. Even when they’re exercising or relaxing, their work keeps bothering them. To de-clutter your mind, you can start doing yoga with crystals kept next to you. You have to study and know the meaning of amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and other crystals that give a serene atmosphere during yoga. Amethyst is an excellent stone to help you get out of your head and relax while keeping you grounded at the same time.
  1. Add Crystals To Your Home Décor: Nowadays, large pieces of crystals are being used in living spaces as statement pieces. This trend works well for you if you want to shift the energy of your living space. Besides looking beautiful, large crystals can also shift the energy of your space and bring you prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Pyrite is a crystal that helps you attract wealth by guiding you in the right direction to make thoughtful business decisions. It also protects you from any negative energy. You can carry a small piece of pyrite in your pocket to attract the energy of wealth.
  1. Wearing Crystals As Bands: One of the easiest ways to use crystals is to wear them as bands. This way, the crystals are constantly in touch with your body and can work their healing magic. Agate crystal bands can be worn to bring hope and security when you feel depressed. They can keep you grounded. Turquoise has been used by Native Americans to ward off evil and change perspectives for the better. Besides these, you can choose from a variety of stones and wear them as bands. Besides healing, the bands can help you look stylish.

How To Add Healing Crystals To Your Life As A Man

Caring For Your Crystals

Once you’ve bought the crystals you need, it’s equally important to care for them. Crystals are alive and require regular cleansing and charging to work optimally. For example, If you wonder how to cleanse crystals with Selenite, you need to simply place your crystals on a selenite plate or in a bowl of selenite chips overnight. The next morning, remove the crystals and cleanse them with water. After charging, your crystals will be ready to use. Simply hold them in your hand or place them in your environment to enjoy their benefits.

The more often you use your stones, the more often cleansing is required. Make it a routine to clean your stones once a month. You’ll know that your stone is cleansed as it’ll feel energetic and lighter. Below, are a few things you can do to clean your crystals.

  • Running them Under Tap Water: Water cleanses the stone of negativity by draining it out and returning it to the earth. For cleaning your crystals, you can place them under running tap water for one minute at least. However, don’t use this method for soft, brittle stones as they may get damaged
  • Soak Them In Saltwater: Saltwater is known for absorbing and removing negative energy. For cleaning your stones, take water in a bowl and add rock salt to it. Then add your stones. Make sure your stones are completely immersed in water. They can be kept in salt water for approximately forty-eight hours. Once done. Wash them off and pat them dry.
  • Energizing Your Stones: The best way to naturally energize your stones is to keep them out on a full moon night and bring them in by 11:00 am. This way, your stones will get charged by moonlight and sunlight. Make sure to remove them by 11:00 am as the harsh afternoon rays of the sun can harm soft crystals.


Since men and women think differently and deal with life in different ways, stones for them are also different. While men require stones with masculine energies like green tourmaline or a tiger’s eye, softer stones like amethyst can also be beneficial.

Cleaning your crystals regularly can help you remove negative energy and remove blockages that are hindering your well-being. Clean crystals allow free-flowing energy to flow through them for healing and abundance. Follow the tips above to add healing crystals to your life. Protection Status

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