Road rage is something many drivers will, unfortunately, experience at one point or another. In severe situations, it can turn deadly. Drivers can take steps to protect themselves and make sure they’re driving as safely as possible. When driving, use the following to avoid becoming a victim of road rage. 

Apologize After a Mistake

Mistakes happen, even to those who are careful drivers. When a mistake is made, apologize to the other driver by smiling and waving. This lets them know that it was just a mistake and that there was no ill intention. The exception to this is if an accident does occur. If the mistake leads to an accident, do not apologize. Instead, be as polite as possible with the other driver, contact the authorities to have a police report created, and get help from to deal with the situation. 

Avoid Aggressive Drivers

When driving, it’s sometimes easy to recognize aggressive driving. Drivers may be speeding, changing lanes frequently, running lights, cutting off drivers, or otherwise driving poorly. If a driver like this is spotted, take steps to get away from them safely. If they’re tailgating, move over as soon as it’s possible to do so, signaling the intention, and let them pass. Let the aggressive driver get ahead, even if there is a lot of traffic, so the chances of being in an accident with them are minimized. 

Don’t Yell or Make Gestures

It’s all too easy to end up yelling or making gestures at other drivers who are making mistakes or acting irrationally. Avoid this. Doing this can enrage drivers who are already acting aggressively, creating a dangerous situation where becoming the victim of road rage is more likely. Instead, just ignore and move away as soon as possible. If the aggressive driver is yelling, apologize and get far away from them as soon as possible. 

Call to Report Aggressive Drivers

Many places now allow drivers to report aggressive driving. Different locations may have a hotline set up or may request drivers call the highway patrol to make a report. If it’s possible to do so, get the make and model of the aggressive driver’s car and their license plate, then call a hotline to report them. This can help police find them to pull them over before an accident does occur or serve as a witness statement if there is an accident caused by aggressive driving. 

Call for Help if Needed

An aggressive driver may follow other drivers once they are mad. Drivers who think someone is following them should take a few turns to see if the other driver follows. If so, the next step is to get help. Call the police to let them know what’s happening, then drive to the closest police station. The aggressive driver will likely turn away before pulling into the police station, but if they don’t, help is there. 

Aggressive driving is a leading cause of accidents today and can be incredibly dangerous for the victims. If you notice aggressive driving, follow the tips here to keep yourself and passengers safe from road rage. If you are ever the victim of a car accident as a result of aggressive driving, speak with a lawyer to learn more about how to handle the situation and to get the help you need to receive compensation from the accident.