Clothes help us keep off the cold and protect us from the harmful sun rays and insects. But that is not all about what dressing entails. Clothing also helps you to show your class, enhance your performance and success and dictate social relations. Choosing the right clothing will help you to meet your objectives instead of making your garment a simple skin cover.

But dressing also has its own rules. The different dressing goals come with their respective rules you need to follow to stand out from “common dressing” around town. This post describes the five rules to follow when dressing classy as a man.

Office dressing code and fashion can make you forget about the rules of dressing like a classy man. It is essential to keep office requirements out when you are not in the office. You should also ignore the urge to follow trends if you want to stay classy and on style.

Here are five simple rules to follow for appropriate classy dressing needs.


1. Buy an Outfit You Have Confidence in

You want the best appearance, but you also need to be confident in what you wear. Before you pay for the clothes, you should be comfortable about wearing them and walking in the street and meeting dignitaries without feeling uneasy.

When going for your style, you may get the temptation to stick to a brand. Doing so will only restrict your options and budget. Anyway, who said that dressing classy means expensive clothes? You can find inspirations online and try to match different designs from various outlets to get what fits you right.

2. Invest in Durable Jewellery

Whether you are picking a watch or men’s beaded bracelets durability is a governing factor to consider. As much as colors and design are essential when choosing the right accessories to supplement your outfit, it is wise to go for a durable item. The cost of a durable watch, for instance, is far much cheaper than a “more affordable” one that will wear out and lose the value in a few weeks.

3. Colours Matter

Everybody has their own color taste. And you should buy clothes with matching colors. Some colors cannot complement each other, even if you tried to harmonize them. Without having to stock clothes of the same color, you should ensure that some of your attires can match with others so that you do not have to repeat the same pattern over and over.

When buying ties, you should pick those that match with a majority of the items in your wardrobe. In so doing, you will have fewer accessories that suffice all your dressing needs.

4. Pick Versatile Shoes

Buying men’s shoes can sometimes be challenging. You do not want to miss on a function because your pair of shoes is out of style. Yes, we have shoes adapted to various conditions and environments. But adaptable shoes should help you match with your classy suit or jeans.

Laced and pointed shoes fit on many occasions. Original leather shoes are ideal for durability. You can change the sole and remain classy for many years. Like ties, shoes should also complement your wardrobe. Have a few pairs with colors that can go well with your outfit. But sports shoes are not ideal unless you are into athletics or planning to go for informal attire.

shoes for men

5. Take Care of Your Clothes

Buying a classy suit is not a problem. Maintenance is the main issue we face. Washing and handling rules should help you stay in style for a long time with your best outfit. Ensure you dry-clean your suits and press them often to get rid of creases.

Hand-wash your shirts regularly to maintain them. You better do not tumble-dry them. And remember to use wooden or plastic hangers for your clothes to avoid stains from metal rust.

coat hangers


Dressing classy should match your lifestyle. You cannot achieve your goals if you do not groom yourself well. Apart from buying classy and stylistic clothes, you should ensure that you take care of yourself physically and maintain high hygiene and fitness to complete the gap.