How To Fade Hair For Beginners- Your Home Tips

How To Fade Hair For Beginners- Your Home Tips

Give an excellent, stylish haircut by fading your hair at home. You can make yourself smarter by changing your looks and become more presentable. You need some proper arrangements to do that. If you want a nice haircut at home without going to the saloons, spend some money on a high-quality clipper. Go and get a clipper for your hair having different sizes of guards. Other things you will need are a mirror, a comb, trimmer and a scissor.

If you are trying to avoid saloons and want a comfortable cut at home, buy a well-branded clipper. The clipper will provide you with the best quality of blades, excellent design, suitable motors, long-lasting battery, able to use corded and cordless, complete set of combs and other accessories. You can use a clipper of the most reputed brands which will make your works easy and comfortable. This clipper will provide you with sharp blades, motors are sturdy, and the battery is excellent. Decide whether you will use corded or cordless, but for your convenience, you can use cordless one. So it is time to get the best clipper for fades to make yourself look smart.

How To Fade Hair For Beginners- Your Home Tips

Haircut At Home

  • Plan where you want to start your fade line
  • Get yourself some guards according to the fade size you want
  • Change the guards and fade your hair step by step. In this way, fading will look natural and not artificial
  • Mark a line around the temples and stop there
  • Make sure you have cleaned up the hairlines and necklines with a trimmer

Plan Your Fade Line

After deciding your fade lines, you can cut your hairs easily without any risks. Use different length guards and fade your hairs at different layers. Begin from above the ears and go to the top gradually.

Identify the right guard sizes you need and choose the perfect length for the fade lines.

Clipper guard sizes are for keeping your hair short or long. So before starting, decide the proper guard sizes, you will need. You can use guards three and guards four at first and then gradually change if you need it.

Different Layers To Fade Your Hair

To fade your hair and have a stylish cut, you can use this technique. Change your guard sizes and make some layers at the sides. You should move up the head starting from the ears. Change your comb attachments and blend again from where you finished off the last guards. For having a natural look, some sections of hair might overlap.

Make things easy and use a comb for a perfect fade

Gradually when you are moving towards the sides and back use a comb and trim your hairs with the comb. The comb will provide you with more significant controls, and styling will be easy.

Shave Your Neckline

You need to cut the neckline and hairline properly after you have finished your trimmings. If you have excellent quality hair clippers, shaping your necklines will be easy. In this case, beard trimmers might also be helpful for a smooth, comfortable cut. For line up, use edgers or outliners and give sharp cuts at the sides.

Review your hair and try to make it error-free

After you finish trimming and fading your hairs take a look at your fading and observe to find any mistakes. For beginners, you can overlook some errors like uneven parts and practice this regularly to have a professional type approach.

Don’t make a blunder just by wanting to make it perfect, be happy with things you have done and gradually you will develop.

Shave Your Neckline

Final Talk

See yourself in the mirror. Spend some time on your face and hair type. Analyse carefully and then take decisions regarding the styles you will choose. Considering all these, you are ready to give a faded haircut with a hair clipper at your home.

Find a style that suits your face and start. Take time and keep experimenting. Fetch yourself a good hair clipper and be ready for styling.

Start by blending your hair. Gradually you can start giving fades. You can avoid barbershops and have a style you want at your home. You can learn more techniques and learn other methods of fading and style the way you want. It is time to be your barber and look beautiful. Protection Status

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