How To Get Freckles Naturally Without Sun

How To Get Freckles Naturally Without Sun

Admit it or not, there is a captivating element found in a freckled face. On the other hand, even if you do not possess that natural freckle, you can still achieve it. How? Check this article and be amazed by how it can change your appearance and add aesthetics to your aura.


Getting To Know About Freckles

Freckles are light brown, or tan spots found on the skin. Skin clusters make these freckles. No one has freckles the moment he or she is born though it is inherited. These are triggered because of sun exposure.

The human skin has cells known as melanocytes. These produce the skin pigment or melanin. Melanin protects the skin from harmful rays called ultraviolet rays.

When you are exposed to the sun, it encourages your melanocytes to generate more melanin. So, freckles are the built-up melanin that is found on the outer layer of your skin.

Many people who have wide portions of freckles have a fair skin tone. Yet, any person can still get it. People with fair skin typically produce fewer melanin compared to those with darker skin. Still, they create more melanin when exposed to the sun.

More so, some freckles disappear on their own. Freckles are more prominent in summer because of the intense sun exposure. However, these fade after the hot season.

On the side, freckles that are brought by sun damage may reduce through time. But those that are inherited tend to increase through the years. Good to say you can always use foundation to cover freckles if you wish to hide them any time you want.

What Do You Need To Get Natural Freckles?

It is a fact that you need the sun to get natural freckles. Also, genetics has a big role in the potential of having actual freckles. Still, you have to bear in mind that the sun is the real triggering element to produce these freckles at the right spot.

Actually, most people covet real freckles. But not all of us can get it. Overexposure to the sun might also damage the skin of those who are not blessed to produce freckles naturally.  But there is good news! You can still achieve those naturally-looking freckles in a few steps.

Scroll through this and find out how you can do it.


Putting Natural-Looking Freckles On Your Own

Have an authentic sun-exposed style. Follow these simple steps to attain that look.

  1. Select A Product That Will Suit You

You can have a natural freckles impression by using your most trusted eyebrow pencil. Just by drawing it, it will bring out a smattering effect on your face. Begin with an eyebrow shade that is one or two touches deeper from your skin type. See it and go darker if you wish to do so.

Before starting to make freckle smudges, you must ensure that your makeup is done. Follow a natural glowing style while deciding to put your foundation. A nicely done prime is very suitable for freckled faces.

  1. Do The Dots

An uncontrolled freckle placement will make them appear more natural. Give your face some dots on your face area where the sun hits typically. Put concentration on your cheekbones, forehead, and nose. Outwardly diffuse those dots and make sure that you don’t apply them over symmetrically.

  1. Do Some Blend

Take note, not freckles are similar. Thus, get an impressive outcome by blending the pencil-drawn dots. Tap them using your fingertips and blur them to your skin. Reapply the pencil in any area you want to show the sunkissed spots impressively. You may also try to use makeup brushes so you will have the freedom to adjust your flair.

Additional Guide For Authentic Looking Freckles

  • Stay hydrated. When you have healthy skin, any kind of makeup will look natural on your face. Be sure to give yourself skincare routines so those fake freckles would not look fake after all. These drawn spots will sit better if you have well-moisturized and healthy skin.
  • Be protected. Use a foundation or moisturizer with Sun Protection Formula or SPF.
  • Bronze your face. Dust or bronze your face where you wish to apply your fake freckles. It will make the tan blend more.
  • Put translucent powder. To make your freckles stay longer, put translucent powder on your face after doing the dots.


Whether you have natural freckles or you want to have natural looking ones, the outcome is always at your hand. You have full control over your face and appearance. As long as you take care of yourself by following the rules of thumb in a beauty lifestyle, you can always achieve an awesome aura. Protection Status

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