How To Look Good and Feel Safe During Pandemic

How To Look Good and Feel Safe During Pandemic

Every time you switch on the news it feels like the only thing you hear is the sad news of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It seems like there is no positive news around and it might be really hard to stay optimistic or be positive. But that is exactly what you need to do. While the virus has been on a rampage, infecting more than one million people, and killing over a hundred thousand people, causing work to stop, and crippling economies, you could easily focus on these headlines and forget that there is still reason for you to be positive and it is expedient that you stay alive and happy.

Although it is also important that you stay up-to-date with the developments around the pandemic, get all the information that you need from the different media in order to protect yourself and the people that you love, you do not have to keep yourself stuck to the unpleasant news from morning till night. While there is a lockdown in many countries, this is a time for you to those around you and keep positive energy with and around your family. Being positive is important to surviving this virus together. So, here are steps that you can take to remain optimistic, feel safe, and look good during this pandemic.

How To Look Good and Feel Safe During Pandemic

Reduce Our Focus On The Sad News

Now that you have to stay at home all through the day, there is a possibility that you have the news channel on all 24 hours. The severity of the virus also means that news station is likely going to spend most of every day talking about it especially with the number of infections increasing daily as well as the number of deaths. As much as you might need the information that you can get about this virus and the pandemic, you might be feeding yourself with something toxic for you at the same time. The number of radio stations and websites also talking about this means that you probably have an overload of information – overload of gloomy news. It is therefore hard to remain positive and optimistic in this situation.

So, instead of switching stations all the time and getting the same bad news, you should just stick to listening to news about the virus from one station and deciding how much time you will be spending on the station and when you will be tuning in. sticking to this plan means that you will have more time in a day for other things. Fill that time with something else – something positive, live a normal life, watch movies with your family, do family games. More than anything you should use this period to bond well with your family especially if you normally do not have the time to during normal days due to work and other restrictions.

Take Comfort From The Past

There are probably times when you have been faced with difficult situations and you have had to dig deep into you for some resilience to overcome the tough situation. This is another situation when you have to be resilient. A typical example of such a difficult situation is probably the 9/11 attack or some natural disasters. You overcame before and you can do the same again. You can as well take solace from such past events and how you pulled through it. They made you stronger and you have moved on from that time, built your life, and you have been doing well ever since. So, remind yourself of this and pull some strength. As many essay writers have said in their different write-ups, maintaining a positive mindset is important to survival.

How To Look Good and Feel Safe During Pandemic

Watch Funny Movies or Videos

The popularity of social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram has made it possible for us to access thousands of funny movies and videos which are helpful for you to take your mind off the current happening in the world and offer you a glimpse of hope and happiness. Even if the videos are just 3 minutes, you could spend your time watching. You could as well bookmark the videos so, that you can easily go back to it whenever it feels like things are becoming a little bit gloomy.

If its movies that work for you, then go ahead and watch some. If possible, make it a family thing. Spend some time together with the people you love. This will take your mind off the current events and allow you to refresh yourself with some family time while remaining indoors.

How To Look Good and Feel Safe During Pandemic

Show Some Love

More than anything right now, this is a time where there is a lot of darkness and gloom around and you have a responsibility to yourself, your family, and your neighbours to share some light and love. This is a time to show love to your neighbours and look after them. It is possible that you are a low-risk person but you have a high-risk person living around you. You would expect these people to take extra measures. So, as much as you can, help them, show them, love, let them know that they are not alone in this fight. We are all in this together, and we will all pull through together. This way, you will not only feel good but you will make other people feel good, and even the most vulnerable people will feel safe because of your act of kindness.

So, check up on your neighbours (do not forget to keep the six feet distance between you), let them know that you are there with them and for them and they can always call you or count on you if they need anything.

How To Look Good and Feel Safe During Pandemic

Send gifts to people

An article written in the dissertation writing services UK platform suggested the idea of sending gifts to people in the mail since you can’t reach them physically. This is an idea that I totally subscribe to. Since we are all in lockdown and observing the idea of social distancing, we have to look for other means to prove to people that we love them and care about their wellbeing. This is the best way we can ensure that we all remain positive and optimistic about recovering from this rampaging virus. Sending people gifts, and cards can go a long way to keep them in this tough period.

This is even more important for elderly ones that live in nursing homes. There is a tendency that they will feel vulnerable and even isolated since these facilities have shut their doors and are no longer allowing visitors for the time being. In this case, sending gift items to them or even specially baked cookies will help to lift their moods and make them happy and optimistic with the knowledge that there are people out there that still loves them and cared about them.

How To Look Good and Feel Safe During Pandemic

Use your Time Effectively

This pandemic has definitely eaten into what we see as our normal life. Our daily routines have been disrupted. Our daily involvements have been taken from us. Different appointments have been cancelled. It feels like the end of the world – like everything is ending. One way you can handle this is to wallow in the disappointments that this has brought. You can choose to remain hurt by that suspended or lost contract, or another cancelled project, and these feelings might be legitimate. But what would you gain from sulking about something that has happened? Would that be productive for you? Definitely not. So, instead of focusing on this disappointment, you can choose to be more productive with your time.

You can make use of this time to focus on things that you would not have ignored if things were normal. All of those things that you have not had time for, for now, is the time for you to focus on them and try to be more productive.

How To Look Good and Feel Safe During Pandemic

Take a Daily Inventory Of Your Activities

Now, you have excess time in your hand and you can do almost anything you like. So, you should use it positively. Try to learn something new and something positive, and in order to ensure that you are keeping to this, you should keep a daily inventory.

At the start of each day, write out those things that you want to achieve for the day and at the close of the day, tick the ones that you have achieved. Making lists like this and trying to keep to it, will occupy your mind and keep it away from the negativity that seems to have overtaken the atmosphere. According to writers at buy custom essay, striving to achieve a goal can keep your mind away from negativity.

Show Kindness To Random People

More than enough has been said about showing love to your family and the people around you, your neighbours, and elderly ones at nursing homes in these hard times so that no one feels lonely, isolated, and vulnerable. But very few to nothing has been said about showing love to random people and strangers.

This is a pandemic and everyone is affected, not just your family and neighbours. It goes far beyond you, so, you should think of ways to help people in the world, without a capacity, people that are most vulnerable, strangers, and random people. It is important that you share love, essay, and light in this period as this ensures that the light in you shines brighter – which is what you and everybody else need to pull through this period.

The delivery person dropping off stuff at your doorstep will do with some cookies too. Your doorman would definitely not mind a coffee. You really do not need to have so much money to be kind. It can be anything at all, even a book review for your author friend. The health workers who are at the forefront of this ‘war’ will definitely do with some encouragement. The whole world, at this point, will do with a little bit of kindness from everybody. Together, we can be there for each other and we can pull through together.


During difficult periods and times of constant negativity, it is very important we spread positivity and move forward with much hope and determination. You have to be deliberate with your activities, and be positive, spread hope, and reduce stress. This time will also pass and we will pull through together.

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