What to Expect From Men’s Laser Hair Removal

If you’re a man looking to reduce hair growth, laser hair removal is a great option to consider. But before you commit to the process, it’s important to understand what it entails and what you should expect.

To start, laser treatments involve zapping individual hairs with pulses of laser light energy. The light energy heats up the hair follicles, damaging them so that future hairs cannot grow back in their place.

The number of treatments necessary will vary depending on the person and what areas need treatment. It can also depend on the type of machine being used as different lasers have different strengths and cover varying surface areas. But overall, you can expect anywhere from 4-6 sessions for best results.

You may not be able to see results until some months after your last treatment because it takes about 6 weeks for new hairs to grow in (with few exceptions). After that period passes, however, you should notice a significant reduction in hair growth and will be able to enjoy your newly smooth skin!

Prepare Your Skin Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you’re ready to get laser hair removal, you must go in prepared. Before your treatment begins, think about what you can do beforehand to help it go smoothly.

Clean and Exfoliate

A few days before the laser appointment, it’s important to get the skin clean and exfoliated. This helps remove any dirt and oils that may be on the surface of your skin, and will make the treatment more effective. Try a gentle exfoliator in circular motions, making sure to avoid any broken or abraded skin, which could cause scarring.

Even Skin Tone

It’s best to do laser treatments on even-toned skin for optimal results — so if you have any type of hyperpigmentation or sun damage, try using a dulling serum or mask 1-2 weeks before your appointment. This will help ensure even coverage during your procedure.

Shave Beforehand

You should also take care to shave any area where you want the treatment done 1 day before your appointment — this helps ensure that the laser is not working on longer hairs which can reduce its effectiveness. Make sure to use a sharp razor, and always shave in the same direction as hair growth for best results.

What to Do After Your Men’s Laser Hair Removal Session

Okay, so you’ve had your men’s laser hair removal session. Now what?

First of all, take things easy for 24 hours after the treatment, and avoid strenuous exercise. You might want to take a cool shower or bath instead, to keep your skin feeling nice and cool.

You will want to avoid waxing, plucking, and electrolysis as well. And try to stay out of strong sunlight and direct UV light for two weeks after the treatment. This can lessen the possibility of side effects and make sure that you get the maximum effect from the treatment.

Try not to wear tight clothes that rub against the treated area either—loose cotton underwear and clothing is best to let your skin breathe in order to heal properly. You should also avoid using any anti-inflammatory creams or ointments during this time too.

If you have any severe redness or blistering after your men’s laser hair removal session, then be sure to call your doctor immediately and follow his/her advice closely. But if you’ve been given a cream or ointment after the procedure then use it twice a day, as directed by your doctor.