Paris is an extremely expensive city because of the luxury goods, lavish palace hotels, gourmet restaurants and many amazing places. Owing to this reason, you will assume that the Paris trip isn’t budget-friendly, and if you visit that city, you will end up feeling like a pauper. Don’t misunderstand; nothing is true. A trip to the romantic city Paris is not so costly. The trip is possible to the world’s most beautiful city with decent accommodation, enjoy discounts and attractions and also with great food. You will have a great time there. Also, you can find best hotels in Paris which can provide you with good facilities without taking much toll on your pocket.

Following are some tips for a budget-friendly trip to Paris.

Flights and trains

There are many cheap flights to Paris. It isn’t impossible. You will get an excellent deal if you are planning for at least 6-7 months ahead. Pre-bookings are the best option there. Usually, it is easy to find cheaper trains and flights from other European countries in a short frame of time.

You should research the airfare packages for a great deal and consult a travel agent for your vacation. For the trains, find the best offers at Rail Europe.

Gare du Nord Paris


Make sure that you have researched the best seasons in Paris. You should travel during the low seasons because of the high temperature there. Every tourist or local gets mesmerized by Paris’s winter and monsoon months. Those seasons have their beauty and advantages like train fares, cheaper accommodation and lower air. In these seasons, this city offers you many things for a great time.

Paris in winter


Public transportation is the best way to sightsee for which you need to buy a pass for you. This city has an amazing transportation system; travelling with passes is affordable. Just hop on and hop off the bus tours, easily available for touring and travelling the city.

When you have a low budget for travelling, prefer public transport for sightseeing. We recommend the Paris bus system for budget-friendly transportation because taxies can be more expensive than this. Here in Paris, you can enjoy tramway lines for beautiful scenes. This city has been building tramway routes which will offer you more options to sightseeing and travel. Consult these from the travel agents.

Metro paris


Budget sightseeing is not an impossible thing in Paris. There are many cost-effective things to see in Paris. Yes, Paris is known for its luxury, but at the same time, it is accessible also. Many free annual events, museums are some of the attractions in the focus of visitors who are budget conscious. In Paris, you can’t miss the city’s most amazing sites, and monuments like Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur, The banks of the Seine and many more sights which are free of cost for the visitors. You can go there without spending a single penny. You can’t miss reserving tea at the Ritz Hotel and in the vicinity of Angelina. To order tea, it will cost a few dollars. Here, you can remain on your budget and experience a little luxury.

Sacre Coeur paris

There are discount cards on bus and boat tours. Using it properly and also using public transport properly can help in the budget-friendly trip.


You should find a perfect accommodation place with great quality. For this, you can do some research on the best hotel booking site in Paris where you can get some good hotels at cheaper rates. This city has earned its name for its best restaurants but also offers you many low-cost fares. The trick is that you should know where to go. There are plenty of affordable hotels in Paris which are waiting for you. You can have the best meals at a budget-friendly cost and Paris’s tastiest street food for a few meals. At Paris local food market, you can stock up on some goodies. You must plan a picnic and also research the cafes in Paris. These cafes offer you low-cost coffee, free Wi-Fi, food and drinks and many more things.


No doubt, you can have budget-friendly shopping in Paris. Learn about Paris style for a while. Paris is the world’s best fashion and style capital of France. World Wide, it is also famous for the suits, especially known as ‘Italian suits’. This doesn’t mean that shopping in Paris is costly. Consult a guide in budget-friendly shopping in Paris. There are many things like that you can learn. For example, how to make a Parisian style, on home items and clothes and also make time for a lovely whirl at a Paris flea market and many unexpected experiences in the whole tour.

shopping Paris

Again accommodation

Make sure that you open your mind in case of accommodation otherwise it will go expensive. Paris has hundreds of hotels in the mid-range of your budget with a pleasant and comfortable experience like luxurious hotels. Apartment rentals can be the best options in Paris. You will also save many bucks on food because these apartment rentals come with a great furniture kitchen. If you have a tight budget, you should cook healthy and tasty meals in these amazing kitchens.


Paris is known for its nightlife also. At night, this city is full of amazing lights, or you can call this city ‘City of Lights’. Just research some night restaurants if you want to enjoy a drink and dance on the terrace. It will cost only 15 Euro for a drink. For budget-friendly nights, you should visit amazing hotels like Menilmontant, Belleville, Gambetta and Oberkampf and many more. They are waiting to welcome you.

Nightlife Paris

You will have a budget-friendly trip if you follow these tips. Paris is an amazing city. Don’t hesitate to go there if you have a low budget. After reading this, you might have understood that travelling is not as costly as you think it is. Just pack your bags and go to the romantic city of Paris.

Have a wonderful journey!