When you decide to carry concealed, one of the things you need to consider is where on your body you will conceal and how you will wear your holster. Holsters come in different designs, each with a specific carry position that you should follow.

Below are the three most common concealed carry positions and how you can implement them.

Wearing Inside The Waistband

This position is the most common one among the three owing to how easy it is to fit and secure. The Inside of the Waistband position means fitting your holster between your body and the inside of the waistband.

This position uses the clock timings to determine where to carry the holster. For example, for right-hand shooters, the 3 o’clock position on the firm side hip is ideal, but the most comfortable position is 4:30.

The position gives a better concealable position and works perfectly for different body types. It also allows for natural draw motions and is undoubtedly the most comfortable for long periods.

However, this position can be strenuous when bending the waist, causing the grip of the gun to print. Also, drawing your gun in a seated position can be challenging, especially as the speed is significantly reduced when drawing.

Appendix Inside the Waistband

This position is when the holster is positioned inside the waistband at the front of the body. Following the clock positioning, this takes the 1 o’clock position for right-hand shooters, just beside the belt buckle.

Wearing the holster in this position allows for a quick, seamless draw and works perfectly fine when in a seated position. Additionally, the firearm is always at the front of the body, making it easier to defend compared to the back position, where the assailant could quickly disarm you from behind.

This position is excellent; however, it may be sensitive and uncomfortable to different body types, and how high or low your waistband sits could affect your comfort. If you need to bend over, the grip of your gun could easily push into your stomach, causing discomfort.

Outside the Waistband

This position of wearing a concealed carry holster is where the holster hangs on your belt, outside your waistband. The firearm is not between you and your clothing; therefore the most comfortable position of all.

Unfortunately, this position works perfectly fine; it does not give a complete concealed design. It is best suited for open carry; therefore, you have to determine the type of clothing to wear for additional concealment.

On this note, this position requires you to wear a loose shirt or jacket to conceal the holster. The weather at that specific time will determine how comfortable it is to wear your holster in this position.

All the same, it is the most comfortable position with all considerations in place. And, you can sit, bend or walk comfortably with the holster in this position.

Finding the best position to carry your holster requires you to consider safety, comfort, and concealment. These three methods are all ideal, but whichever works for you depends on the needs at hand.