Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven – Philips & Art Combined

Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven – Philips & Art Combined


After 20 years I decided to go back to Eindhoven in the Netherlands, the town that I studied at and spent my student years. This is a town that is all about the electronic giant Philips from the University that supplies the technical educated students, and lots of buildings and factories in the town. Eindhoven is also know for its football club PSV Eindhoven, where in my time I was a season ticket holder and I saw players like Romario, Ronaldo, Gullit and Koeman play for this then glorious club.


PSV Eindhoven Stadium

So now that I am back I chose to stay at the Inntel Hotels Art which is in the centre of the town. The hotel has a view of the PSV stadium, but more importantly it is partly housed in an old Philips monumental building called the Philips Light Tower. This building started of as a light bulb factory and later housed the Head Quarters of Philips Lighting. With re organisations and the move of the Philips Head Quarters to Amsterdam, this building became vacant. It was redeveloped into a multipurpose building with shops, restaurants, offices, apartments and a hotel.

The hotel is partly housed in the monumental building which was build in 1909, the other part of the hotel is a newly build extension on the side. In the monumental part of the hotel the industrial elements of the building have been kept, giving the hotel is a unique combination where art and Philips meet.

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower menstylefashion review

The Philips Light Tower Construction


Philips Light Tower Today

Philips Light Tower Today

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (13)

The Reception

For me when you enter a hotel for the first time, the reception gives you a clear message regarding the interior design flow it stands for. The Inntel Hotels Art instantly oozes art design the moment you walk in. There are so many unique areas within the reception area and it really captures what Eindhoven stands for. The mix of wood, metal and the funky use of light bulbs. What is really cool to see within the access corridor to the lift is the art work and space which is like a museum, this is a great place to do your own photo shoot too.


View of the reception from the hotel bar


InntelHotel---Art-Eindhoven-Philips-Light-Tower-MenStyleFashion-(11).jpg-Art-Work - Copy

The hotel where Philips history and Art meet….

Individually Designed 227 Rooms

As I was travelling with family we had two guests rooms in the new part of the hotel and I was shown another two rooms in the monumental part of the hotel. What was truly amazing was that all 227 extremely spacious rooms and suites each have been individually decorated. Therefore your room will define you, all you have to do is choose one you like. This is a lot of fun because if you are staying with a big group then you explore the 2016 world of this Art Hotel all in one building, ehh actually two buildings. Gone are the days of standard dated hotels with no imagination.

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The Art Jacuzzi Room

This 40 sqm room has art work for you to appreciate whilst having a large Jacuzzi.



Love the Jacuzzi in the hotel room. The wall paper shows a light bulb factory.

The Art Room

The art room is the cheapest room class in this hotel and is still a generously sized 40 sqm.


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Round Shapes For 2016

I recently went to an interior design conference and it was explained that the trend in more and more hotels is the use of round shapes. The simple reason is that round is a shape that creates energy and it is very adaptable to awkward shaped rooms. Another trend is that hotels are mixing materials such as metal with wood to give a more robust industrial feel to your stay. Therefore there are rooms that cater more for a men’s personal taste than a women when it comes to interior design, which is nice to see.

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (17)

Round shapes in hotel. The painting on the wall again is a nice combination of tradition, art and Philips.

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (25)

Welcome chocolates


Jacuzzi Trends Within Your Room

It is the second hotel in the Netherlands that I have reviewed which has a Jacuzzi personally for you within your room. You don’t have to share with anyone this luxury added experience. Swimwear is not essential and you can use it anytime you want. You can choose your own temperature, I like my Jacuzzi water temperature really hot. I travel a lot and this is a perfect distress for me.

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (18)

Loft Junior suite, some of which have a Jacuzzi.

Brown Trending Within Hotels

Another colour trending in hotels is different shades of brown. In the room we stayed a great retro tiled experience was set within the bathroom. Also the wooden lampshade high lighting brown and design can be very edgy indeed.

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (24)

I loved this quirky designed light

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (19)

The Restaurant

Hotels can be a hit and miss when it comes to eating within their restaurants. On this occasion the food was excellent, the service was relaxed and very child friendly. The beef with lentils was a real different experience. The food was fresh and presented to a very high standard. The chefs were very approachable and will cater to your specific needs if you have any. The interior design gave it a real funky feel, I would encourage you to eat here both for dinner and breakfast.




Tuna sashimi and the beautiful presented prawn, crab and granny smith tartar.

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (7)

Tuna sashimi – €14

Main Course

Art Burger shared between the kids, Fillet Mignon with lentils and Atlantic cod with potato puree.

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (10)

Fillet Mignon with lentils – €26

InntelHotel - Art Eindhoven Philips Light Tower MenStyleFashion (8)

Atlantic cod with potato puree – €23


The white lady ice cream and a sorbet.


The Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven is a hotel that combines art together with the industrial heritage of Philips. I would recommend to enhance this by staying in the part of the hotel which is withing the beautiful restored Philips factory. I must say this mix of art and Philips has been executed very well. Add in the large size rooms with optional Jacuzzi and this makes for a great stay in the city center of Eindhoven. The restaurant is perfect if you do not want to venture out in town and I would even go as far to recommend it for non guests as well. The location of the hotel is right in the shopping area and a few minutes walk to the central railway station and the PSV football stadium.


  • Rooms reviewed – Art Room from €68, Art Jacuzzi Room from €125
  • Address: Mathildelaan 1, 5611 BJ, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • Website:
  • Phone: +31 (0)40-7513500

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