Ionic Cars – Carbon Free Lifestyle

Ionic Cars – Carbon Free Lifestyle

Do you struggle with the concept of electric cars?  Do you agree nothing can ever replace the nostalgia of classic combustion cars? The biggest challenge for the electric car industry is trying to convince those who have been driving for the last 50 years. To let go of combustion and embrace electric vehicles.

I have reviewed every electric car so far on the market. However, I can never shake off that irreplaceable feeling of driving classic cars. The sound of that roaring engine is just divine. No electric car gives me that emotional connection like a vintage car.


I drove this 1934 Rolls Royce. Commissioned by a woman!

Ionic Cars

Would you not agree to be able to honour the true beauty and workmanship of covetable classics, one has to adapt by creating a concept for a carbon-free lifestyle. I have never heard of the company called ionic cars until today.

As the global shift towards electric-powered vehicles continues to accelerate, ionic cars are breathing new life into iconic sports cars, giving them a future in the EV era.

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“Our vision is to create the world’s most iconic electric cars, reconceiving (once) thirsty gas-guzzlers to zero-emission vehicles, to ensure their charm and allure can continue to be enjoyed for years to come” – Justin Lunny, ionic cars.

Electric Car Conversions So Far

Ionic cars have given a new lease of life to the breathtaking ’67 Mercedes Pagoda.

Ionic Cars - Carbon Free Lifestyle (6) Ionic Cars - Carbon Free Lifestyle (6)

They have further ambitions to convert the ‘Series’ Land Rovers and E Type Jaguars. I certainly would want to test drive it as an electric concept? The video below is me driving a classic E Type.

Jaguar FType

Ionic cars idea is perpetuating a better drive for the future by offering a comprehensive solution to adopting an electric lifestyle. Ionic cars ensure the iconic cars of yesteryear continue to thrill the eco-conscious drivers of today.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Working with legendary vehicles from the past, ionic cars reconceive the world’s most desirable cars, combining high-tech battery-powered performance with classic good looks, all the while reducing carbon emissions.

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With increasing pressure for more stringent emissions and fuel-efficiency regulations worldwide, more consumers than ever are compelled to move to electric.

I struggle with modern electric cars. They have no style let alone lifestyle appeal.

With Ionic cars, they have allowed me to choose a more sophisticated, genuine quality and craftsmanship car. A vehicle with one-of-a-kind pieces that ooze style and class.

Justin Lunny, Ionic Cars

“It is vitally important to us that our cars retain their original appeal. Our aim is to articulate and enhance the underlying beauty of an iconic motor, offering a truly unique and eco-friendly drive for the car enthusiast of the future” – Justin Lunny, ionic cars.

ionic-car-edit030J ustin

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EV Conversion Market

Ionic cars are at the forefront of the luxury EV conversion market, offering a seamless transformation. From the initial stages of conception to expert reconstruction and
craftsmanship, the parameters of old and new are elegantly merged.

The result is a handsome, well-preserved piece of auto history, with a spanking new “green heart”.

Ionic Cars - Carbon Free Lifestyle

By compassionately restoring each masterpiece, ionic cars not only replace the traditional combustion engine with a state-of-the-art electric powertrain but also offer a
full interior refit following the customer’s chosen spec.


“We want to become global leaders in “green car” conversions, providing a full ecomakeover to sublime and iconic motors of the past” – Justin Lunny, ionic cars.

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I am loving the concept. I am more than keen to drive one to give you honest nostalgia feedback.

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