Okay, we are well into the 21st century at this point, so is this still really even a question?

Apparently, it is, so we are here to answer you with a definitive YES. Not only is it more than okay for women to make the first move, but it could actually be the key to your success!

It doesn’t matter if the ‘first move’ itself is as simple as asking their name or making out on the dance floor, if it’s what you want, there is no reason why any woman should fear this.

Of course, there is always the possibility of rejection, but what is life without a little bit of a risk every now and then, anyway? Here are some of the reasons why we think you should definitely consider making the first move, and you can check out flirtsavvy.com for more tips!

Confidence Is Attractive

While I am loath to promote doing anything (even in the name of love) that doesn’t serve yourself first and foremost, the whole point of making a first move on someone is in the hopes that they will respond positively, so here it goes…

Women making the first move is a turn on for most people. Whoever’s eye you are hoping to catch, you can guarantee that they will appreciate the confidence of a woman who asks them out. This is especially true if they are shy themselves! So, you go ask them out, girl.

It Puts You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Look, if you are used to having guys and/or gals hitting on you your whole life, then the thought of having to make the first move towards somebody else is probably a bit daunting.

Everyone needs to be forced out of their comfort zone at some point, however, as this is one of the things that keeps life interesting! It is way too easy to let people continue to come to you, but why not take things into your own hands and sashay your way over to your crush?

You Are In Control

You may not be able to control the reaction of whoever it is that you are making a move on, but by making the first move it does put you in control of yourself and your desires.

It’s definitely time to drop the damsel in distress role that has been forced upon us throughout history and making the first move can be incredibly empowering for women.

They Say No – So What?

If the person you are interested in turning around and saying “no, sorry” is the absolute worst-case scenario that you can think of, then you are still pretty safe. Sure, being rejected can be embarrassing and sometimes hurtful in the moment, but this feeling is pretty short-lived.

People will rarely react negatively when romantically approached by a woman making the first move. Most will be flattered and will gently let you down if they are not that interested.

Don’t Discount the Shy Ones!

If you are constantly waiting for someone else to make the first move, you could miss out on meeting your prince or princess charming due to the fact that they were also too shy to make the first move on you. Come on, how depressing would that be? To find out that you missed meeting your true soulmate because neither of you could pluck up the courage to say hi…

Don’t miss out on a whole pool of dating opportunities just because of some archaic notion that women should not make the first move. Get out there and find them, or lose them!

F*ck the Patriarchy

Don’t ever stop yourself from doing something that you want to do because you think ‘men’ will frown upon it. If that guy you like is going to think less of you just because you beat him to the chase and asked for his number first, do you really want to be with a guy like that?

The same thing applies whether you are hoping to make the first move on men or women – if they don’t appreciate the effort, then they are definitely not the one for you. Some things are just not meant to work out, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try just because of fear.

We hope that you are now in agreement about the fact that women can (and should!) be making the first move when they want to.