Items That Every Man Should Have in His Shoe Closet

Items That Every Man Should Have in His Shoe Closet

Shoes are a crucial part of men’s clothing. They can make or break your look. With different occasions calling for different dressing, every man needs to have the right pairs in his shoe closet. The good part about shoe shopping is that adult feet sizes don’t change, which allows you to buy multiple pairs without worrying about growing out of them. Also, men’s shoes are made to be very durable. So, you can rest assured that your shoes are good investments.

Here is a list of must-have pairs in every man’s shoe closet. Having these will complete your wardrobe and let you dress your best every day.

1. House slippers

Your feet should be as comfortable as they can be, especially when you are at home. Soft, cushioned home slippers are a must-have, to pamper your feet every day. A lot of brands have great options in these. Don’t hesitate to spend on them.

TOMS house slippers

2. Sandals

These are another crucial pair in your shoe closet. Whether it’s a day at the beach or lounging by the pool, you need sandals, especially the waterproof ones. These go well with shorts and tees.

Olukai Ulele beach sandals

Olukai Ulele beach sandals

3. Sneakers

Every man needs a pair of shoes that are versatile, can be matched with different outfits and that keep feet comfortable. Sneakers are the right choice for this. There are many brands that offer great options. Givenchy sneakers, for instance, have a wide variety of make, design, colour, and style for varying preferences and requirements.

off white sneakers

4. Desert boots

Desert boots look great with many outfits, especially casual trousers and denim. Desert boots are usually found in tan, brown, or sand colour and can be matched with jeans or trousers in black, grey, or navy. These are meant for summers and can be worn without socks as well, but there is no restriction on wearing them in other seasons either.

ROAMERS Mens 5 Eyelet Suede Leather Desert Boots Taupe

ROAMERS Men’s 5 Eyelet Suede Leather Desert Boots Taupe

5. Canvas Espadrilles

Traditionally, espadrilles are sandals with a canvas upper and a sole made from esparto (a kind of fibrous grass used for weaving) rope or rubber recently. If flip-flops are not really your thing, canvas espadrilles can be taken along for holidays or weekend trips. They are lightweight, simple, and can be worn with cotton or linen trousers and shorts. Espadrilles are also said to be a good option for warm-weather shoes.

Saint Laurent Canvas Espadrilles

Saint Laurent Canvas Espadrilles

6. Trainers

Be it for the gym, a sport or any outdoor activity, trainers or running shoes, as they are also called, are a necessity in every man’s shoe closet. Just like the Givenchy sneakers, these are lightweight, comfortable, and protect your feet and ankles from injury during intense activities. But you can also wear them casually with denim, trousers, and shorts. So, they are indeed a versatile piece. They are also available in a variety of colours to match your outfits.

trainer summer 2020 italy menstylefashion

7. Oxfords

Oxfords are considered plain, formal leather shoes but today, there is a wide choice in terms of design and colour. Oxfords are known for their ‘closed lacing’ and look really elegant with formal wear.

Oxford style shoes for men Protection Status

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